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Thu, Mar 3, 2022 5:40 PM

Contact - North Texas AT&T Fiber Provisioning

AT&T has contracted to lay fiber to a new subdivision north of my home and will have to trench right by my house and neighbors.  We understand that AT&T is not planning to offer service to our subdivision.   Would like to talk with someone to see what we can do as a neighborhood to see what it would take to get AT&T to offer service.   Calls to the various help & sales desks has been less than helpful and generally indicate you need government backing to get AT&T management attention.   We are in unincorporated Parker county.

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Fiber planning can be up to (2) years out….

The fiber lines heading to new development would go to a PFP…. Separate fiber lines using a 1:32 splitter is deployed to each scheduled terminal. The terminal generally services 4 to 12 addresses depending on housing type, example (2) 4 unit condos would have (8) fiber connections coming from the fiber splitter which is (1) fiber connection going back.

ATT is continuing fiber buildout for at least (4) more years adding 3 million per year. Perhaps your subdivision will be part of a future build out with separate PFP install.

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