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Sun, Aug 22, 2021 6:34 PM

Consultation With AT&T "Burial" Contractor Before Committing To AT&T Fiber

A salesman who represented AT&T had us convinced that we needed AT&T for TV and internet.  Fine, we were ready to cut the cable with our current provider as prices escalated swiftly and exorbitantly.   But, before we signed we asked the salesman some questions about how they would run the line from the AT&T fiber optics terminal that was in our backyard in the designated access area (right of way) to our home.  He said that he would get the contractor to call within a day to make sure the contractor could route the line under 2 sidewalks and avoid flower beds and other objects, or some alternative routes.   The salesman said he is not "technically competent" (translation:  "'s not my job, man....") and that's up to the "burial contractor"!  Well, we did not get the call, and we called the salesman and told him that if the contractor is not out the next day, we will not go with the deal.    Then he said well maybe he could get the contractor out in a couple of weeks or so!  Not good!  So, we cancelled the contract then and there, as we legally have 3 business days to reconsider and cancel if something does not go in accordance with written or oral promises.  So, we are still stuck with an ISP that suddenly raised the price of their low-end internet by $22 this month.  Not good!  We would happily go with AT&T fiber if we can get clarification of how they will run the line, and nobody at AT&T seems interested to resolved this issue.

My question is, has anyone ever had an AT&T "burial" contractor out before signing up for AT&T fiber service so that there is a clear understanding of how the fiber is going to be run from the access box to one's residence?  This is a vital part of signing up process for use, since the salesmen does not care nor do they profess to understand the technicalities of running the fiber into one's residence!!

I am not particularly pleased at how they just laid my neighbors' AT&T lines on the bare ground at the access box in my backyard and I have complained on several occasions to AT&T technicians who say it is not their job to bury the cable.  So, I took it on my own to protect my neighbors' fiber cables from getting mowed over and cut or tripped over by kids.


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3 m ago

Never heard of a contractor meeting with a customer prior to burying the drop, not saying it doesn't happen.  They aren't going to do any difficult pushes under things if there's a more direct route, guess you could offer to pay over and above what it would take to use the most direct route and use the route you direct them to use.  As far as unburied lines you can contact the buried wire group to get them buried.  Just remember if you've built, or planted over an easement they aren't liable for damages to anything you've put or planted within an easement.




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3 m ago

The day they show up talk to them 🤷‍♂️ Your not in contract until til service gets activated. 

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