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Thu, Nov 10, 2016 3:11 AM

Connecting Gigabit Service to Home

I am scheduled to have Uverse service with Gigabit internet, U450 and phone service.

There is fiber at the curb and my home has an demarcation entry that penetrates an exterior wall with coax and a Cat 5e cable and runs in the walls to a closet in the master bedroom on the opposite corner of the house that has a cabinet. The cabinet currently houses the cable modem and termination for the demarcation.

There is a small box within 4 feet of the exetrior penetration of the coax and Cat 5e that has a 120VAC source.

1) How will they provide signal to the gateway?

2) If they use the existing coax or Cat 5e to the Gateway will I get the gigabit speed I'm paying for?

2) Will they be able to mount the fiber converter to the exterior of the house near the area where the coax/Cat 5e penetrates the exterior wall?







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5 y ago

They have installed the service, but I'm told there is no battery back-up provided for either the Gateway or the power supply?

In the event of a power outage, no phone = no alarm system.

What's up with not providing back-up to loss of power for emergency use?


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5 y ago

AT&T quit providing Batteries for battery backup effective July 2015.  The Gateway will accept an internal battery to power the VOIP circuit, but you much purchase it yourself.  I believe some of the ONT power supplies also may accept an internal battery, and you would also have to provide that battery.


Alternately, you can provide your own external UPS for either or both, but be sure that it doesn't introduce unacceptable RFI.


General information including where to order batteries for the Gateway unit:!/u-verse-voice/KM1041593

ONT Battery Backup Power Supply battery info:!/u-verse-voice/KM1045809





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