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Get superfast AT&T Fiber internet

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 5:22 PM

Condo: AT&T Internet/Fiber Contract

Hello. I recently moved into a condo that is exclusively serviced by AT&T. Unfortunately, this building's max internet speed is 25-50 Mbps, yikes! With most people working from home, we've tried investigating how we can get better internet speeds. This is what we've found out: 1) we are only wired for AT&T and are in some kind of exclusive contract that does not allow us to shop another internet provider and 2) Fiber Internet was promised but has not been delivered in more than 5 years. 

My question is this: how can I bring fiber into this building? Do we need to raise money for install? Who do we talk to for information about the contract on this building? Is AT&T in violation of the contract for not providing Fiber?

More than one question I know, but I really don't know where else to turn. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to receive help.

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2 years ago

The building(s) owner, property management, or HOA has to work with ATT Connected Communities to receive a survey, proposal, and all units have to be wired at the same time before any addresses would be turned green for service. From start to finish can be 2+ years.

Internet 25-50 is FTTN service (Fiber To The Node) along with internet 75 and 100. Depending on the facilities (card type) and distance from the fiber VRAD determines what FTTN speed can be offered. 

Internet 100/20 requires bonded pair on K or N card within 1000 feet while internet 75/20 requires same bonded pair card with distance between 1000 feet to 1800 feet. 

As distance increases or card type changes or pair type changes speeds will drop to 50/10, 45/6, 25/5, 25/2.

If loop length is over 5000 feet then speed tier drops to RT 10/1 or less. 

ATT has announced adding about 50% more fiber addresses during the 2021-2022 expansion or adding 7 million additional fiber addresses to the 15+ million provided from 2016 to 2020. I expect most of these additions (5 million?) will be upgraded FTTN addresses. However by my estimate there is about 22-23 million FTTN addresses converting 5 million means there is about 22% chance your complexes would be upgraded by end of 2022.

EDIT... about 25% of all fiber is MDU complexes... for a listing of 3.8+ million current fiber MDU addresses within ATT 21 state footprint.


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