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Fri, Aug 13, 2021 1:53 PM

Buried Lines

Why is it that no one is managing the buried wire Deptment.  I was supposed to have my wires buried yesterday and was told i was scheduled multiple times throughout the day, but when i call i get a team in the Philippines who tell me the burial team is a contracted team and not att employees.  Now I'm being told they cant make it out until the 20th of August.  What do i do with the complaints from the home owners association regarding this eyesore running across my driveway and yard.  You can contact me at [email scrubbed].


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2 m ago

the burial team is a contracted team and not att employees

I do believe this is true throughout most, if not all, of the AT&T footprint.




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2 m ago

At&T went to SVA (Single Vendor) contractors just before the pandemic. while they use to have a pool of contractors to choose from in each area they are reduced to one per the signed contract. it worked well until covid. our single vendor here had over 100 employees and 40 trucks before covid they are down to 6 trucks and 13 employees as of june 2020 and are having a difficult time finding qualified employees, after all a dig crew isnt flipping burgers. 

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