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Wed, Sep 30, 2020 7:50 PM

Bringing service to Fairview TN

Hi, I have an AT&T box with fiber cables in front of my house. I have called AT&T numerous times but am told that I am not in their system and that my street is not covered... even though I have been told by numerous agents that my town of Fairview has 100% coverage.. 


I have been told that Xfinity services my street. I have a ticket in with them to run lines out to us, but because of code, Xfinity needs AT&T to lower their lines on the poles coming out to my house.


Who can help me either 

1) set up AT&T service


2) lower at&T's lines do that Xfinity can run theirs


I was told that I'd have service as of 2 weeks ago..  I work from home and need internet. Please let me know the next steps to proceed. 


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25 days ago


pics of box would help....


The zip code 37062 has 96% ATT coverage, most of it is ADSL2+ from Central Office or Remote terminal as best speed is 25..... not VDSL FTTN where speeds up to 100 would be available within 1000 feet of VRAD.


35% of the zip code is direct fiber with internet 1000, meaning 65% is not. IF or WHEN any additional addresses will be upgraded is unknown. New subdivision, apartment or condo complexes (GREENFIELD) construction should be fiber, existing addresses (BROWNFIELD) will not be upgraded anytime soon... maybe never. (Only 42% of all  addresses received FTTN during the 10 year deployment from 2006-end 2015)


For ATT current status, see the above, looking to add subscribers out of the fiber that has already been placed.

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