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Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 4:00 PM

AT&T will not help fix the conduit to restore my internet service

I submitted a help request a month ago because my neighbor installed irrigation which damaged the conduit that our internet line is run through. We still have no internet service. 


First, they said there was an issue on the premises that needs to be fixed.  Technicians continue to come out only to shrug their shoulders and tell me that they can't do anything until this "conduit" is fixed.


Something else that is troubling is that their systems are not working together. Buried services told us that they could not help us and did not know who to point us to for help. When we try to call tech support they say they cannot send another technician until the conduit is fixed, then buried services will tell us the exact opposite. 


I called many times during these last 3 weeks and have round-robin'ed their representatives for customer support. This is absolutely sad that this has happened and continues to happen for an unknown amount of time because engineering reports that they have no time frame of when they will finish running the "conduit" (not like they actually started).  They can't give me any details of what's going on, only vague answers.


When I do try to contact someone who actually knows what's going on, my request to get transferred to the person is denied because these people are not suppose to have contact with customers.  Well, isn't that great?


And there's still more.


It is mind-numbing that the different departments that are needed to deal with all of this are so disconnected from each other.  There's no proper flow of information.  It's like you have 5 hands and they all don't know what each other is doing, however, they all get their information from the "same database."  Really?  If this is true, then why aren't the other departments getting this information?  Why did it take me almost 3 weeks to actually get engineering to actually confirm that there is an issue?  Why did I continuously get calls that the problem as been fixed and to reschedule?  Nothing from what I've experience indicated that any of this knowledge is shared in any significant way.


From a technical standpoint, their customer service's technical skills are horribly inadequate.  I'm using att's jargon that have been repeated to me as I talk to customer service and they seem to have no idea what's going on or what these words mean, and they're the people that we're suppose to talk to!  I'm amazed, shocked, sad, and disappointed all at the same time.


I am continuously assured that a fix will be done as soon as possible -- that my account has been put on top priority, set to urgent, etc etc.  At this point, none of this matters.  We're obviously using different dictionaries here.  ATT doesn't know when the fix will be done, and I've gotten a report that it could possibly take months to fix.  That's right, months to run a "conduit" underneath the street in my neighborhood (remember ~60ft - 100ft).  How is this urgent?  What is going on?  But of course, they can't tell me in detail because of "security reasons."



There's more.  Lots more.  But I'm too tired to continue.  This entire experience with att's supposedly "award winning" support has drained me.  I've lost so much time from work waiting on att's technicians and having to deal with their customer support. 


I've stopped them from sending out more technicians -- I've actually come in contact with 7 and if I allowed att to continue, I would've seen at least 4 more.  Of course, I'm not counting the ones I haven't seen.


Lastly, I would like to point out that att is the only internet provider available for us because we live in a new development.   I've recently seen some signs on some lawns advertising internet access from a local company.  I will cancel my order if they are able to provide me with what I need.  2 months is more than enough time.

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5 years ago

Hey, @Ebryant92.


Let us see how we can help!


Since this is account specific, we'll have to continue this conversation in a Private Message (PM).


Check your forums inbox by clicking the envelope at the top of

the page, look for a message from ATTCARES, and respond with the requested information.


We look forward to assisting further!


Ramses, AT&T Community Specialist

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