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Wednesday, April 15th, 2020 1:42 PM

AT&T pricing and availability in my area.

In the Christy Drive area of Arnold MO (63010) we have an antiquated telephone infrastructure. I would love to come back to AT&T, but you do not seem to be willing to upgrade our circuits to fiber. I currently pay approx $50/month to Charter/Spectrum for 400mb/s down and 30mb/s up. My current infrastructure cannot support those speeds from AT&T. AT&T will not bring me their 10mb/s speeds for less than $49/month. Sure, the latency is a little better, but the bandwidth is important. Other neighborhoods in my area are getting speeds up to 1gb/s over fiber for the same price. Does anyone know of any plans to upgrade us to the new fiber infrastructure, or are we just (Edited per community guidelines)? For the record, I have been asking for this for over a decade, and I am getting a little tired of beating my head against this wall. I'm wondering if I should just consider AT&T a dead issue and move on.

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