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Saturday, November 25th, 2023 6:49 AM

AT&T offers only Internet 10 Mbps in my neighborhood. When will AT&T consider rolling out fiber?

AT&T has phone and Internet 10 Mbps service in my neighborhood. What's keeping AT&T from rolling out fiber? This will surely make our neighborhood happy to know that we'll have a better choice besides Cox.

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3 months ago

What’s keeping from happening to date?…. Money, time, planning

High cost, on average $3000 per address based upon past statements.

* Population size and density… the more people in closer area has lower cost average per address, think apartment / condo complexes.

* small lots (1/8 acre if 50 feet x 120 ft or 6000 square feet) means a lot to addresses per city block compared to locations with large lots. Think Archie Bunker (inner city lots) housing versus lots of 1 acre to 5 acre. 

* type of service, aerial from poles is less expensive than having to pay contractors to dig / trench tubing underground,  boring under streets and driveways. 
* expected ROI, hopefully 40% take rate, ATT has been averaging 3 million fiber locations each year since 2016… has 24 million addresses with fiber availability yet is averaging 1 million fiber installs each year or has 8 million fiber customers out of 24 million. This is a take rate of 33% but over time that should increase to 40% and might reach 50% within 5 years.

* shortages in both fiber equipment / infrastructure and shortages in labor both for initial deployment and techs to install / maintain the service. 
* primary is new construction (GREENFIELD) since 2016 and there has been a boom over past several years in housing.

* next high priority is current FTTN addresses that received fiber to the neighborhood from 2006-2015 which comprised 33 million addresses within then footprint.

* some ADSL2+ with speeds 18 or less including internet 10 (24 million total ADSL2+ end 2015) will be upgraded but at a lower percentage than FTTN.

ATT has invested $2 billion per month in 2022 and 2023 ($24 billion per year) with additional $20 billion scheduled in 2024… that is $68 billion in just 3 of their 10 year fiber build out (2016 to 2025). They have more fiber than any other company in the US for residential service… but within their 21 state footprint have about 40% of the US population.

That is 334 million population with 144 million addresses in the  US, ATT has better than 60+ million locations with 30+ million scheduled for fiber by end 2025.

ATT AIR, a recently released FWA service will be offered to about half of the non fiber addresses and is known as a catch product, this is fiber to the cell tower with unlimited data cap offering far faster speeds than current copper but less than true fiber. Still most would welcome having internet 50 to 150 instead of internet 10.

Of course the options are wait and see if your address will be upgraded or relocate to where desired service is available, currently 16 million addresses have fiber option but not subscribed.

Just my thoughts…

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3 months ago

To put it simply, nobody knows when or even if your neighborhood will ever receive AT&T fiber. There are a lot of factors in their rollout, but the specifics about where they are planning or any requirements are kept private to the company.

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