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Monday, July 24th, 2023 4:36 PM

AT&T Has run a cable illegally through my property.

I see that AT&T has put a cable on my property in order to get to my neighbors’. Research by an attorney shows there is no easement access granted to anyone. Not even utilities. AT&T is giving me the run around. It is difficult getting these guys to admit to their wrongdoing . How do I get this taken care of.

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ACE - Expert


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4 months ago

Check with the city, they manage easements. If they confirm there is no easement your attorney will have to contact ATT in writing at their registered address.

ACE - Expert


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4 months ago

Have you contacted your local property tax authorities since they are the ones who grant and control utility easements?  I would think that they would be very interested in a utility company violating a local code.

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4 months ago

So your saying you have NO ELECTRICITY, NO GAS, NO WATER, and NO SEWER to your home?

Along with having no telephone or cable connection?

If any of these exist there is a utility easement on the property.

In my area of Wisconsin the easements are at least 15 feet from the road and when have adjoining properties the easement is 8 feet on each side of property for a total width of 16 feet.


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