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Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 3:59 PM

Att handywork for connection

I've had nothing but issues lately with connectivity for internet;  3 different technicians coming to the house and charging 99.00 for repairs that still have not corrected the issue.  The last technician did this - Do you view this could be part of the problem with intermediate connectivity issues?  see picture.  All of which is electrical taped together.  Is this standard Ethernet Cat5 wiring?

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1 year ago

There is only one connection I see which is the blue pair, tech using scotchlok to join the blue pair which is correct 

Intermittent Connectivity issue could be any where inside or outside the home 

Depending on your single pair loop length there could be 30, 50, or more of the same scotchloks joining different sections of wiring together.

Might be animal caused issue, temperature issue, human issue, equipment issue. What you really need is for the service to go out and stay out till repaired, not be intermittent. 

Even then a separate issue could arise after the repair  including electrical noise, grounding, etc.

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