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Thursday, July 16th, 2020 1:04 AM

AT&T Fiber Outage lasting days?

I upgraded to Fiber on Monday.  Technician came out and everything was going fine.  When he was about finished, he discovered that there was an "outage that wasn't letting new fiber customers connect."  He said it would probably last 1-2 hours, and that I'd be able to restart the box, plug in the ethernet cord into the gateway, and I'd be good to go- just needed to wait for the outage to be resolved. He said he'd come back in the morning to install a bracket for the box and remove the old coaxial cable (to me, neither of those sound like he needs to do anything to actually make the fiber connection work).  I asked him if I could use the old coaxial cable until the outage was resolved, and he said they already cut the service off.  Tuesday afternoon rolls around, he texts me and says the outage still hasn't been resolved so there isn't anything he can do yet, but I'm at the top of his list once the outage is over.  I haven't heard from him since.  When I try to connect to the internet on my computer, my browser shows an ATT error page that says "We can't see your DSL signal NAD-3304D."  I've called ATT customer support about 4 times asking for updates about the outage.  Each time I call, the rep says the outage should be resolved within 24 hours (they said that 48 hours ago, 36 hours ago, 12 hours ago, etc.). Both my wife and I are currently working from home, and we can't go into work (Covid), we can't go to my parents' or a friend's house (Covid), all the public places that usually offer free wifi are closed (Covid), and there's only so much we can do with our iPhone hotspots.  Today, I got a call today from ATT about "rescheduling my appointment."  I have another technician coming out next Wednesday, but I'm not exactly sure what they're planning on doing.  installing the bracket and removing the old coaxial cable, like my first tech said? Or they have to come out to "fix" the fiber connection?


So my questions are:

1. Is there really an outage?  I don't see any outages posted on the ATT website.  Even when I log in to the app with my account, it tells me I'm not experiencing any outages with internet or TV (neither work). We're Columbus, OH area (Zip 43221).  Even the ATT customer service reps don't seem to know whats going on. I have to explain to them what the technician told me, then their answer is always a real uncertain "it should be resolved within 24 hours" (like they may not really see an outage, but that's what they're supposed to say in that situation).  I don't exactly have a great first impression of this new service I just upgraded to...


2. Does this mean I'm probably going to be without internet until next Wednesday until the technician comes out? Or once this "outage" is resolved, will I be able to fire up the new fiber connection (or at least get the old Internet 50 connection back)?  Should I just keep unplugging the box and plugging it back in to see if it's been resolved?  (Currently, Power is solid green, PON is solid green, Alarm is off, and Data is flickering- almost solid- an orangish-yellow.  On the Arris GBW gateway, Power is solid green, Broadband is sometimes solid red and sometimes flashing red.)


3. This is probably a stupid question, but does AT&T offer anything like a temporary MiFi device we can use until I get some type of internet back?  I assume ATT will not be lowering my bill this month to reflect this outage (because my bill is always the exact same amount every month, regardless of if there was an outage or not).  Since I'm paying for service, is there anything I can do to actually use it?


4. Is there a "technical" support number that specializes in equipment? No matter what number I call, I seem to get general customer support, and the customer service reps are always very friendly, but they can't really help me unless its about billing or scheduling appointments.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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3 years ago

It is interesting to see your post. I haven't had my "Internet 50 service" working since I moved and had a scheduled appointment on June 29... The technician came out, found some bad wire, and left... He hasn't been back since. 

I rescheduled twice since then. Once on July 11, and again on July 15. No fix.

So it looks like I have a similar situation here in Little Rock, AR -- except I am surrounded by other internet access points which have the letters "ATT..." in their network names!  


I don't understand the outer AT&T DSL or Internet 50 service wiring or related devices, but I am certainly asking for a "temporary bridge" service of some kind... I switched to AT&T for the great offers and it would be great to stick with them -- but after two weeks of nothing, my family and I are simply beyond dissatisfied. 

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