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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 6:57 PM

AT&T Fiber for Alaskans

AT&T Fiber should come to Alaska and steal GCI & ACS customers. I'm tired of being limited to 10mb service while paying $120/mo. Bring in fiber and let's get those lower 48 prices & services going, it's 2020 and digital streaming is the modern way of entertainment.


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1 month ago

ATT Cell Towers in the area?

If yes, that would be your fiber for future 5G wireless.

Each area has a local telco, they own the plant... for ATT or Google or another company to come in they would have to be an over builder installing all new buiding, fiber, hiring crews etc. You can see how far Google Fiber has went since their start in Kansas City back in 2010?

"the Google Fiber project has been on hold since 2016, when the company stopped expanding and reportedly cut many jobs related to the project."

Estimate cost is $1 Billion per city, currently they are in 10 states servicing 2.2 million.... compared to ATT Fiber in 4 years (2016-late 2019) having reached 14+ million in area where they already have structure (existing building, employees) in place.

Recommend talking to your current hardwired providers or consider wireless internet from cell tower if not interested in satellite internet.


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