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Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 8:31 PM

AT&T cracked my driveway and now Sedgwick will not pay to replace it!

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I've been an AT&T customer for 15+ years using all their services (Cell, Internet, Direct TV) and have always experienced good customer service until recently. I moved into a brand new house and had AT&T Fiber installed. They came out to bury the line around May of this year and the tech said that instead of running the line around the house they were going to bore under my driveway. In the process, they cracked the driveway. The tech saw it happen and apologized and said it happens every once in a while but that At&t would take care of it and that I needed to call a claims number. I called the number and filed my claim. So far the process was going ok and then a claims company called Sedgwick contacted me and it's been nothing but problems. First, I got an email with an offer of $350 to satisfy the claim which was ridiculous. I responded to the email and weeks went by with nothing from Sedgwick. I called and called and then they said they would send out an adjuster to look at the damage. In the meantime, I got a quote to replace the driveway from a local contractor. The adjuster came, took some pictures and some notes and said I should hear something from Sedgwick soon. I finally got an updated offer in July but the new offer was only enough to cover 1/3 of the cost to replace the driveway. Sedgwick's reasoning was that they would only replace the parts that were cracked. My problem with this is the if they only replace the sections that are cracked I’ll be left with a driveway that is not structurally or visually the same as the original driveway. The concrete is going to be a different color, matching the texture and border will be very difficult, the expansion joints going across the driveway will look bad and I’ll have to deal with weeds and grass growing between them leaving me with a piecemealed driveway that affects the value of my home. When the At&t tech cracked the driveway he said that At&t would take care of it. I assumed this meant they would return the driveway back to what it was before it was cracked not that I would be left with a patched driveway. I tried to reach out to the Sedgwick claims person to discuss the issue and received no response. I called and emailed for about a month or so and then received an undeliverable notification saying my email could not be delivered. I called At&t and they contacted a manager at Sedgwick who finally called me back and said the person I was working with no longer worked at Sedgwick and that I had a new claims person. I was kind of relieved, I thought maybe the previous person didn't know what she was doing and this new claims person would be more professional and help resolve my issue. Man, was I wrong... The new claims person has refused to call me back after calling her multiple times. I finally had to call At&t again and she finally reached out to me. She talked to me like I was her child and wanted to know why I needed to speak to her since they already send the offer for the claim and that there was no negotiation no matter what I thought should be done. I tried to explain to her why I felt it was unfair but she just kept repeating in a forceful tone "We are not paying to replace the driveway". I then talked with her supervisor and it was more of the same rude tone with no explanation other than the adjuster said X so that's all we are going to pay. This whole process has now taken more than 6 months and I'm at a loss for what to do now. I just want the driveway to be the same driveway that it was before it was cracked. Is that really unreasonable? I'm open to any and all suggestions of what to do next. Do I keep going up the chain? Do I get a lawyer? 


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5 years ago

Hello @ken_gill

In this situation, you would have to contact property damage regarding your claim.

Here's information for contacting property damage department.

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist

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