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Saturday, February 4th, 2023 9:03 PM

Att contractors who came to burry the cables for my neighbors impacted my internet service

Today, around 10:35 am, ATT contractors came to burry the cables for my neighbors who just switched from optimum to ATT. But, these contractors impacted my internet connect which stopped working at around 10:37 am while I was away from my home. 

I got to know about the issue when I reached home. Now, my question is; how can I reach out to these contractors to get my issue fixed?

I called optimum and they can't come and fix my internet until thursday which is almost 5 days from now. 

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10 months ago

Even if you could contact the contractor you'd still be out of luck.  They don't fix damaged cables (their job is apparently to damage them) and given the quality of their work would you trust them anyway?

Besides, you don't even have AT&T fiber so AT&T can't help you either.  Optimum is the only option for a repair of their cable.

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10 months ago

Wiring contractors bury wiring, not place ends or make connections.

If they did come out and place a new line, still waiting on a tech from your provider to make the physical connections.

Hopefully when your new line is buried, if tech does not splice a repair, they will not damage the new fiber line taking your neighbor out of service and continuing having new lines buried.

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