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Thu, Jan 12, 2017 3:51 AM

Apple TV Streaming Lag

I'm pulling my hair out on this. I have AT&T Fiber with the Pace modem/router. I am using a CAT6 wired connection from my Apple TV (series 4) to the router. I've tried various cables. Some - not all - apps are unwatchable because of lag. BBC America and Disney XD both have issues. I've turned IPv6 off on the router. I have no other router in the chain. Speed tests run on the Apple TV show it getting pretty close to max speed available. Yet, streaming lag. Here's the kicker: if I watch the same content in the same app on my iPhone connected to wifi it works perfectly. How is that possible? Edit: I have also created a custom profile for the Apple TV and opened the ports it requires.



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5 y ago


I have the latest Apple TV working flawlessly on a 24 Mbps service but there is a cascaded router between it and the 5268ac. I use a cascaded router because I found that the 5268ac does not accommodate the Apple networking capability of my Apple devices very well but my 5268ac firewall is set to defaults. I have found that iTunes movies run at full HD flawlessly as does an app called Pluto which does 4K. Netflix streams flawlessly but the level of HD is dependent on time of day and the video itself.


How is the performance of BBCA comparing between prime time and non-prime time hours? What other devices do you have running off of the 5268ac? 

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