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Mon, Sep 27, 2021 2:57 PM

Additional fiber line to backyard office

Hi! I've seen a few related posts but still wasn't sure best approach here so I'll post my specific situation.

We have AT&T fiber installed at our house (inside ONT) that is being run from a powerline to our roof and then down to the 1st floor junction box for entry.

During the pandemic we built a backyard office as my wife and I both work remotely now — about 40ft straight back from the main house.  Currently, I have a few Google mesh routers that can connect across the backyard to another Google wifi in the office. This has worked fine mostly (except very humid days can be slow) but as we're now both permanently remote and on a lot of video calls every day, I'd like to get full speed back to the office.

Is this something that AT&T Customer Service can help me with? Would they provide service (i'm fine to pay) to run a line to the office and/or change the ONT location from inside to external (which may make the run simpler? Or should I call a residential low-voltage contractor to help us connect a line to the office?

Edit for more details:

Current Speeds (down/up):

  1. House: 336 / 180 Mpbs
  2. Office: 35 / 33 Mpbs

I did run a conduit from the house to the office for power, but I don't know if I could pull a fiber cable through it — it ended up being a very hard pull the first time around.

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2 m ago

You don't want a fiber pulled through the conduit, you want to pull in the number of CAT5e cables from the Ethernet ports out of the router built into the modem.  Or pull one and add another router to feed your terminals or have a strong Wi-Fi signal.  I doubt AT&T will do this and even if they did a low voltage contractor would most likely be less expensive and they would know what you need from the home location to the office. 





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2 m ago


First AT&T allows only 1 residential Fiber installation per address. So unless you register and subdivide you property to have 2 separate addresses no Fiber solution from AT&T.

You should follow the suggestion of @spoom2 above and higher a low voltage company or a telecom handy man to run Ethernet from where you have your current AT&T Gateway ( the box with 4 Ethernet ports on the back) to your "new" office out building.

It should be in it's own conduit and while you are at it plan for 2 Ethernet cables pulled by a mule tape (strong string) to the Google Mesh unit.

If you really wanted to future proof you could pull fiber between the 2 locations and use Ethernet converters on either side of the fiber link. Personally I think it would cost more than it is worth.


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2 m ago

Your income is depending on an internet connection?

If yes, recommend having a redundant ISP for back up for when you may have no service for multiple days.

As you constructed office is a separate unit on the property, I would recommend installing local cable internet service to that building. Provides faster down / up than currently receiving on wireless mesh system. Allows for the wireless mesh system to become the backup system to the cable service.

Cost for installation should be minimum while the service itself should be tax expense as sole purchase is for business usage.

Just my thoughts…

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