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Tue, Jul 5, 2022 10:07 AM


Since access into the home is not required, for installation. To access ATT Fiber internet will require wireless connections, right? One will not be able to use the phone lines in the home ,like my current ATT DSL uses? This means I would have to purchase wireless connections for each PC and the connections will not be as fast as a wired connection would be, right? Also, the connection would not be as secure as a wired connection, right?

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Depending on the needs of the installation, access inside the home may be required.  If there was a previous installation, then the inside parts may have already been completed by a technician and you will just use those to do a self install.  But AT&T fiber is a physical connection from the Gateway to the AT&T equipment using light over fiber-optic "cable."

The AT&T Gateway provides 4 Ethernet LAN ports for direct connection of your equipment, which may be augmented with an Ethernet switch to provide additional ports of physical connections.

The AT&T Gateway additionally provides for clients to access it via Wi-Fi.  There was a Wi-Fi security protocol known as "WEP" for "Wired-Equivalent Protocol."  Not only was it never equivalent to wired, it has long been compromised.  However, that has been replaced by WPA2 [and better yet, WPA3, though the AT&T gear doesn't support that yet].  Further, if your interactions are secured with TLS (as even most web browsing is today), Wi-Fi access is pretty "secure" from being read or tampered with by others, especially in real time.  But wired will be more reliable and generally faster and greatly decreases the opportunity for eavesdropping.

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Did you just move in or are relocating to an address with fiber service?

If you are told can do a self installation, no access needed, then previous service has to be present. DIRECT  Fiber (FTTP) will have speed of 300 or greater.

If the best speed is 25 to 100, this is indirect fiber (FTTN) that is being offered. Most of these existing installs have a telephone jack connection with  green outline.

What is the speed tier you can order?

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