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Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 3:46 AM

3 years fiber is available at my neighbors homes but not mine

I built my house 3 years ago and was unable to get fiber. The max I'm able to get is 56 megabits per second. Oddly enough, the houses around me can get fiber. The house that's directly behind me that is a mere 40 ft away has fiber. I have filled out an address search request twice and no response. You enter your zip code and it says some other city, state and zip code once you hit submit. I've tried on different computers, different browsers, different phones, even had other people on other computers. Try for me and all get the same result.

My address is not the farthest from the street, so I don't think it is too far from a node.

How can I resolve the issue with the address so that I can order fiber internet?

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3 months ago

Houses to immediate left and right can get fiber?

Are you in the same development (subdivision) as the house behind you?

Where is the house behind you fiber coming from? Pole or pedestal in back yard? Or their front or side yard,or a different neighbor?

Lot size? 

If you build your home outside the fiber desigbed development do not expect to be added. 

IF your home is inside a planned development then your address is not assigned per ATT, is it possible the street name was changed... checking the homes on your street, do they show as valid addresses in the database?

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