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Friday, February 17th, 2023 6:57 PM

1000 Mbps fiber is available at my home, but the houses across the street have access to 5000 Mbps - why?

I want to start by mentioning that I'm not complaining that the houses across the street (my direct opposite neighbor across the road is a mere 76ft away from my property) has access to faster speeds... 1000 Mbps is MORE than enough for my needs, I am just genuinely curious as to why this is the case?

So yeah, in essence I've been doing some research into why some sides of the road have access to a certain speed and some don't and was wondering if someone could enlighten me to the finer details around access to AT&T Fiber.

For reference, my property is located on the North side of West 133rd St in Hawthorne, CA, and it's the South side that has access to the faster speeds.

Thank you in advance!


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4 months ago

Streets are often the cut off points for services. As you have seen for yourself. One side could be serviced from a different PFP than the other. Or the area hasn’t been updated. Our subdivision was surrounded by homes that could get 5g but we couldn’t. Then we were able to later. 

my thoughts

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4 months ago

The most likely explanation is the two areas are serviced from different PFPs.

PFP is the local box where fiber is run to have the central office.

Each main fiber line connects to a splitter, GPON splitters are 1:32 split using a 2.5G fiber connections.

The splitter has a prism separating the light from main fiber to colors of the rainbow, each of the 32 ports (connections) represents a different color in the spectrum.

These GPON splitters are the common unit in PFP from 2015 to say sometime in 2021, if go with 6 years at 3 million addresses provided for each year is 18 million possible. For the last 18 months roughly all NEW fiber buildouts have been XSGPON or 10 time standard GPON. These splitters have a 10G fiber source from the central office and a 1:64 port connections. 

The ONT used is determined by the splitter, the Nokia 210, 240 and small white 010 are GPON.
To have an option of the faster Internet 2000 or 5000 requires the different splitter be placed at the PFP, then need to order the service requiring a new installation appointment. The tech would need to move the fiber jumper at the PFP to the other splitter, then on site remove your current ONT, install AND activate the new ONT which is either the Nokia 020 or a BGW 320 with the correct SFP.

Note if your current installation is BGW 320 with internet 1000 as best you have a GPON SFP installed (green outline on SFP). The tech would still need to change the fiber connection at PFP, remove the Green SFP and install a RED SFP to upgrade.

for more info including light frequency ranges between types…


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