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Monday, April 19th, 2021 2:59 AM

Wired connection drops constantly.

So, for maybe 2-3 months now, I've been noticing an intermittent disconnect. It's most obvious when playing a game, as it will require relogging in, but it also happens when loading websites. I will get a DNS error, but upon refresh it will generally load fine. 
I've had the same issue in multiple games, so I ruled out any issue on their end. Also, sometimes when the connection is acting up, but it doesn't fully disconnect me from the game, I will get 'ping spikes' where my ms goes from the 50-70 range that it normally sits at, to over 200 for a moment. This will happen every few seconds.  Lately, when it happens, I've been doing some trace routes to the game I play the most. I often get timed out responses in the same portion of the route. Between the 12th and 15th steps on the route (I had attached some of these logs before, maybe thats why the post was deleted?). Most of them are to a texas server, but I even tried playing on their washington DC server, in case that somehow had anything to do with it.  I also did a traceroute a couple times when the internet was working great, and did NOT get time outs at all. 

All of these issues are intermittent. There will be stretches of time, sometimes hours or even most of a day, where my ping stays below 70 the entire time and I never get disconnected once. This, combined with the internet never fully disconnecting, is why I doubt it's an issue between my antenna and the tower.

Fortunately I've found a post that specifically describes what I'm going through. 

I've had this problem for about 6+ months with 8 technicians out to my home to replace wires, the modem over 4 times, the box inside of my home, to clean said wires, as well as a surplus of other problems. My friends and I have three gaming PCs that are all wired and this always happens, especially after about 6pm it gets more constant. We have completely changed the ethernet cables twice over just to be sure, we've all changed out our motherboards once and we all have gaming PCs that are worth well over $3,000--so I doubt that it's a problem that our gadgets are giving us, as many of the technicians and ATT support have assumed. We've turned the wifi completely off to try and isolate any problem but it happens on all the computers no matter if it's just one on the internet. It's not a problem that is connected to one sole computer, xbox, phone, laptop or anything else. I've completely upgraded everything in my PC (since my pc was the oldest) to ensure that it was not our technology interfering with our internet.

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