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Fri, Jan 14, 2022 11:55 PM

Why is fiber so bad

I have att fiber to my home there test from router to any where shows 900mb down and up but wired to the router can't get over .5mb down but 200mb up had box replaced by tech worked for about 4 hours then back to snail speed. get better internet speed on my 4g phone than wired fiber.




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10 d ago

What devices are you using connected to your AT&T Gateway? Model and type of device will help. Slow downloads is often related to Firewall software on your devices.

It may be a limit of your devices as not all Desktop, Laptop or even tablets are fast enough to see speeds above 200 Mbps unless they are rather recent (last 3 years or so).

Also what AT&T Gateway model do you have?



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10 d ago

Hi there, Tsmall78! Looks like you have slow speed on your hands. We can look at this together. 


Thank you @dave006 for asking the tough questions and for providing information that can help. Keep up the good work. 


Let us break this down even further. When it comes to Fiber Optic speeds, Fiber Optic only runs at one speed and that is the speed of light. All the equipment that you have, including your computer and devices, take the speed and calculate it to what you see. 


So let's do some testing together to see what could be the problem. This first step will request you to repeat the test twice. 

  1. Go To AT&T Speedtest and run 2 tests. One test wired and one test on the Wi-Fi can compare the results. 
  2. If the wired test is much lower then the wireless test, it is possible due to age of the computer using it that the NIC (Network Card) is unable to handle the speeds that we are trying to give it. 
  3. Also we do want to think about doing a full reboot of the AT&T equipment.
  4. If the reboot does not work, then the next test is a Factory Reset

Also there is an app that can help as well. Do you have the Smart Home Manager app? Most AT&T mobile devices already have it installed. If you do not have it. You can go to your apps store(Google Play or Itunes) and you can download it. 


If all of these tips do not improve your service experience, then we can see if either the AT&T equipment needs to be replaced or if a tech is needed to come for a visit. We will happy to help with both of those options. Just reach back out here and we can work on that with you. 


Looking forward to hearing from you again. 


Thank you for using the AT&T Community Forums. 


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist



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