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Fri, Jan 22, 2021 2:27 AM

U-verse BGW320-500 issue

My BGW320-500, BGW320-505, U-verse story

Sorry if this is long, but I wanted to share this story so that it might help.

I have a 2200 rectangular ranch home with a full finished basement. I have AT&T fiber coming into a closet in the center of the house. Initially the router supplied by AT&T was in passthrough mode with its antennas turned off and I was using an Apple Time Capsule (ATC) for my home network. In addition I had an Airport Extreme (AE) in the basement that attached to the ATC. This worked for about 5 years with AT&T upgrading me from cable to fiber about 2.5 years ago.

I also have U-verse that has one DVR that is hardwired to the BGW320 and a WAP that is also hardwired to the BGW320. The WAP then is linked to 2 TV receivers, one of which is in the basement.

Then a few months ago my router started to drop the internet on a regular basis. With the kids attending school virtually this became an issue. I called AT&T and with only a little pushback sent a technician and when he arrived he quickly upgraded me to a BGW320-500 fiber modem/router with the fiber now going directly into the BGW320. I was getting speeds of over 940 Mbps both up and down.

I immediately had an issue with the BGW320-500 antennas competing with my Apple antennas. I accessed the BGW320-500 and tried to turn off the antennas, but despite turning them all off the 2.4 GHz would not stop broadcasting. I went online to and found out I wasn’t alone. I discovered that the BGW320 antennas wore probably better then my 8 year old Apple equipment so I removed my Apple equipment and just changed the name and password of the BGW320 network to what I had used on my Apple equipment and that worked great. I then realized I had a few pieces of equipment that were two distant even for the BGW320 antenna so I bought two AT&T smart Wi-Fi extenders. They were very easy to install.

Some time in all of this a U-verse problem developed! When watching any Hi-def channel on just one WAP linked TV after 20 to 30 minutes the signal would drop. That is the screen would freeze for about 30 seconds and then a dark screen with some green lettering stating the AT&T signal was lost would show up for 30 seconds. Then the channel would resume. I tried everything I could to remove as many of the changes I had made, but nothing worked.

I called AT&T U-verse and they sent out and had me swap out the TV-receiver. When that didn’t work they sent out and had me swap out the WAP and the problem persisted. I called AT&T U-verse and they sent out a tech. He came out and replaced the TV-receiver and the. WAP. No luck. We even hardwired the TV-receiver, to no avail. 

 He had left and was still in the drive-way when the problem happened again. He came back and he then removed the line conditioner that the TV-receiver had been plugged into. He also swapped out the HDMI cable. (Not sure how that was going to help as passed on the message on the TV it had to be at the TV receiver or further back based on the images on the TV screen.

He was about to leave and I politely explained that if AT&T couldn’t fix this problem I would be calling to have it all removed as I wasn’t going to tolerate a dropped signal every 20 to 30 minutes. He said that he had tried everything he could think of and had replaced everything, but the BGW320-500 and then stated they were all brand new and that he hadn’t heard of any issues with them. He then asked me if I wanted him to replace that two and I said yes!

Well he replaced it and it only took 15 minutes and it was back and running along with both Smart Extenders without me typing a single key. I however noticed one small difference. He had put in a BGW320-505 made by Nokia instead of the BGW320-500 made by Humax. To my surprise the U-verse problem disappeared! I’m sorry to say that the AT&T tech had left before we were sure the problem was resolved.

So if you are having U-verse problems and have a BGW320-500 you may want to ask AT&T to replace it with a BGW320-505.


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