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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 8:42 PM

Troubleshooting Slow AT&T Fiber - Solutions from the AT&T Community

Learn What You Need For AT&T Fiber Speed


First, AT&T Fiber requires the right hardware. If your device(s) is not compatible with gigabit speeds, you may not be able to take advantage of the plan/ speed you are subscribed to. Check out what you need below!

Before troubleshooting, you'll want to check the speeds through the modem. This will help determine if you are getting fiber speeds from the outside fiber cable and isolate the issue, either with your equipment or the AT&T network. 


The right hardware

  •  A network card that can support the plan – some cards are not designed to go above 100 Mbps. Check the owners manual to see if your device can support gigabit speeds. Fast Ethernet supports up to 100Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet supports 1000mbps.
  • Network cables compatible with gigabit speeds – Cat-5e can be used 100Mbps speeds,  Cat-6 cables are recommended for gigabit speeds. 
  • Updated operating systems – the older the OS, the less likely it will support higher speeds. For example, if drivers are not updated, this may prevent full utilization
  • Updated network device – switches and hubs are rated for certain speeds. Make sure yours is rated to handle gigabit speeds


What impacts your speed

  •  Malware – viruses and other programs can run in the background and impact speeds. We recommend downloading our security suite here.
  • Other programs using the network – like malware, some programs can run in the background and use up resources. Close all programs before testing.
  • The type of USB port you use – if you are using a network adapter that uses USB, make sure the adapter is capable of gigabit speeds. USB 2.0 maxes out between 250-300 Mbps. 3.0 USB ports support 900 Mbps or higher.
  • An old CPU - a weaker processor is not capable of handling higher speeds.


Remember, the older the equipment is, the less likely it is going to be compatible with gigabit speeds. We recommend updating the equipment if you determine the hardware is not compatible. If you have 1G plan, testing near or around 600 mbps is within the parameters of the plan.


If the above does not help and you meet the hardware requirements, troubleshoot using our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool via a browser or mobile device! It beats calling in! 

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ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

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4 years ago

new customer as of the last 12hrs and so disgusted with ATT. Ordered gig service and getting nowhere near that hardwired (like many of you). The tech points out that the connectivity test shows 950 up\down, but that is only from the att NOC to the router, not past it (this is also pointed on next to the speed test button in the routers interface). 


I am just imagining all of these new customers paying for gig service and never fully testing or understanding their service and that they are not getting what they are paying for I will be staying with spectrum, this ATT gig service is a scam. Will be contacting the BBB as well on this. 



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3 years ago

I have had the 300MBPS plan for a long time and almost always got close to those download speeds in my speed test.  I upgraded to the 1000 plan and now I am only getting 125MBPS download.  This happened to me previously and I switched back to 300, but now I really want to have the unlimited data so I'm back on 1000.  The slower speeds are back even after having my router replaced!  Whats going on!?!?




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3 years ago

Yep, I got that for about 6 months or so, then dropped to around 350 and I could never get it back. Same two gaming laptops.



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3 years ago

So I stumbled upon this thread because of the same exact issue. When I first got this service installed, I was getting like 900+ down, 900+ up. After a few weeks, I am barely getting 1/4 of the download speed. The upload speed however, is still pretty fast. Usually around 600 mbps. This is using the ATT server located in IL. When I use the the servers located like 10-15 mins away from me (Milwaukee), I would sometimes dipped down as low as 70 mbps for download. Download speed is more important to me vs upload, but upload somehow always stay around in the 500+ mbps.

Is ATT throttling the download speed? Seems like false advertising to me. When I had spectrum's 200 mbps, at least it was very consistent across all servers on However with ATT, it's only fast when tested using their servers. Even then, most of the time, it's only like 200-300 mbps. What's going on? This is so lame.

yes, before anyone ask, my desktop computer is very capable of running that speed and am using CAT6 cables..



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3 years ago

I think found out what the issue was for my slow speed test results. It was probably the browser (firefox and Chrome). I downloaded the speedtest app from the microsoft store and ran the speed test and was consistently getting in the 700+ down and 900+ up. Still puzzles me how I was about to get in the 900's when I first got it installed using Chrome. It was just a few weeks ago. I can't get that same speed anymore using with chrome. weird. Hopefully the speedtest app isn't lying...



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3 years ago

I had comcast for years and hated it due to spotty service. It was always dropping out and slow. Last month, I switched to att fiber 1000 and recently noticed it was super slow. I had a tech spend (waste!) 2.5 hours in my home today and he could not figure out the issue. I have a photo of him sitting next to the att ONT and the att BGW210 that is literally 4 feet from my computer and showing the 48mbps test on the computer?  


He says the modem is getting almost 1 GB but can't explain why my computer just 4 feet away isn't even getting 50mbps.


He tried connecting the computer via a cable but oddly that did not allow full access to all of the internet... only some pages would open... others were somehow off limits. He finally left without any resolution. 


WHY ATT?????  I'm paying $80 a month for less than 50mbps?!!!!


ACE - Guru


9.5K Messages

3 years ago

The fact that your laptop can't load web pages successfully when wired would indicate to me that there's a problem with the laptop.  If the BGW's internal speedtest is showing full speed, then that adds even more evidence that your problem is the laptop.


What is the make and model # of the laptop and what OS is running on it?

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