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Thursday, August 16th, 2018 2:39 PM

The State of AT&T Internet Service (Raleigh NC - Leesville Area) - (Very Poor Service)

My Family switched to AT&T about six months ago and since that time our service has been absolutely horrible. Let me list just a few issues.


1. Very poor (Slow & Inconsistent) connection times starting at 8PM or shortly there after and I can just forget about 12 - 4AM.

2. Constant dropped connection to game services such as Steam and Xbox Live

3. YouTube and other video services that are not Netflix fail to load consistently requiring browser restarts.

      a. When content on the YouTube home page does load, 3 out of 5 times just the captions load without the video preview.

      b. Tried this on IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all with the same or very, very similar results.

4. Streaming video via service such as twitch is a no go due to the constant dropped packets which lead to connection lose.

5. Sling TV regardless of channel line up (Blue / Orange) service most often times (60%) simply does not load video content (Black Screen) with no progress meter

6. Multiple speed test show between 400 and 900+ Mbps per second on my AT&T connection and yet the connection is still unstable.

7. Even with the above reported speeds videos when they do load actually preload large portions of the video. Welcome back to the 1992 we missed you!

8. A few more issues exist but one can get the picture from the list above.


What have I tried? 

1. Reset Router (more than a dozen times in a single month)

2. Use an alternate DNS ( / <- Google DNS)

3. Disable IPV6 / Enable IPV6

4. Update network card driver

5. Flush and renew dns pool

6. Reset Winsock

7. Install 802.11ac Wireless Card

8. Update all systems (Drivers & OS)

Did any of the solutions above improve our AT&T experience? Absolutely not.


My Networked Device List

2 Roku (Wireless)

2 Iphones 8 & 9 (Wireless)

1 Ipad Mini (Wireless)

1 Android Pixel 2 (Wireless)

1 Android Tablet (Wireless)

1 Xbox360 (Wireless)

2 Laptops (Chromebook & Windows 10) (Wireless)

1 Desktop (Windows 10) (Wired)

1 QNAP NAS (Wired)


And finally...

The desktop I use contains dual 1Gbp full duplex network cards, 32GB DDR4, Quad core 4.2 Intel i7, and a 8GB Radeon RX580 running on a 1000w power supply. So hardware isn't my issue. My family has been on a TWC business class connection for more than ten years and the business class is rated at a slower speed than AT&T fiber, but I can assure everyone the TWC connection performs 1000 times better than AT&T "fiber"! The difference in consistency and quality of connections is substantial and noticeable. I'm not a huge fan of TWC, but great Odin's beard your service is so bad and apparently the "AT&T" approach to this issue is to sit on your hands and do nothing. I've easily found several articles stretching back to 2014 about the very same issues my family has been experiencing and it doesn't appear as though AT&T is going to address these issues in any way shape or form, outside of the usual and tired old refrain "reboot your router" and/or "We'll send you a brand new shiny router". I find it sad that people on the forums are actually telling each other to use Google DNS rather than demand AT&T fix their sub-par DNS and questionable internet service.




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6 years ago

I can assure you that any direct fiber connection is better than a copper connection no matter who the company.


If there is a problem with your service it is a matter of solving the problem.  Have you had a service tech out? Have you ran any packet loss tests? Do you know what the light level is to the ONT? there are a lot of variables that come into play when troubleshooting Fiber 

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