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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 3:37 AM

Speed needed to stream movies

What is the speed it needs to be in order to stream without buffering?

lots of buffering and I have the 1000 super fast internet package and im getting 30’s on download and 17 on upload= what ??

I dont know the factor to determine if its fast enough,which it is buy cost,and it still buffers,amd im not sure what speed to look for to tell if it is the feed or channel im using , or something slowing down the inter recereception?



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2 y ago

To really test your connection speed you need to download the "Speedtest App" and try different servers (there is a bunch of them) but start by choosing the closest one to you. Most of the speed tests that are done using your browser have too much traffic to give you a good test. Imagine a water hose in your yard with one sprinkler, it puts out a nice shower. Add 3 or more sprinklers to that same water house and you are going to have a few drops coming out of each one. Same thing on the internet, too many people trying to use the same server to test their speeds. With the app, you can try servers that not many people know about. You will be surprise. BUT the real test is to have a file downloaded from a GOOD server near your location. For example, I am in central Texas and download full games to my PC at 850-900+ (80-90 MB/s) from a server in the Houston area.

It is also very important that you are NOT using wi-fi to test your speed. The BEST you can get with wi-fi (AC protocol) is about 320-340. Use a CAT 5 or 6 network cable, and make sure you NIC interface in your PC is capable of 1 gig connection.

Good luck

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