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Friday, September 15th, 2023 7:02 PM


Slow 5G LAN ?

NEW ...ATT 5G Fiber ISP just installed; only getting between; 1.5 to 1.47MB download from speeds ethernet but get 3.5MB upload.
How can I fix it?

Twice, TECHS, have come out now, and say it's my system! It does not make sense:

  • Using (1) Cat 6 ethernet directly from modem into 10G NIC card NIC setting set for 5G full duplex speed, NO VPN!
  • only (1) computer on LAN, 32G RAM, 4070 GPU, I9 CPU 3GHZ
  • ATT speed test: Download = 2451 Mbps & Upload= 2502 Mbps From internet to PC
  • ATT to gateway: Download = 5190Mbs & Upload= 3020.5Mbs
  • Download = 1.8Gbs & Upload= 95Mbs
  • OOkla Speed test: Download = 1.8Mbs & Upload =3489 Mbs

All Tests each ran independently and separately.


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7 months ago

Browser based tests can struggle to keep up well before 1000 Mbps.  So FAST.COM is suspect.  Ookla speed test in the browser is likely also not going to give you full bandwidth.  Ookla speedtest application would be your best bet.

When you say "ATT speed test", is that the Smart Home Manager test?  Check what result do you get from this page: 

Have you confirmed the data rate on the Ethernet connection between your PC and the Gateway by looking at either (or preferably both) end(s)?  Windows Ethernet properties should tell you from the Windows end.  Check "Transmit Speed" under port 1 on this page:

Do you have another computer in your home network that is capable of over 2 Gbps?  Do you have anyway to confirm that all of the components of your PC--which admittedly has a reasonably fast CPU, adequate (but not fast, not that it matters here) GPU and a gracious plenty of RAM (not that that matters on a speedtest, either)--are capable of sustaining traffic in the range you're attempting to test?  Keep in mind that until 10 years ago, internal PC storage wasn't able to move data as fast as you're trying to move it over the Internet.

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7 months ago

Issue solved!…

Bad cables!!! Installed…

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