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Sunday, February 11th, 2024 7:18 AM

Should my Download speed and Upload Speed Be Under 10Mbps Average with 2Gbps Fiber?

So for the past months maybe 2 or 3 me and my family have experienced many times a day where everything buffers for a good 2-3 minutes but it is mainly the worst on my computer as Whenever I play a game the ping reaches highs of 9999 with lows around 30 but mostly 100-140, My pc is not wired but is on the same floor roughly 30 feet away, this is just merely me asking if its normal. Thank you for reading.

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2 months ago

Having a threshold/theoretical max of 2Gbps should not result in anything close to 10Mbps as average.

What model Gateway?

You say this happens many times a day, have you checked to see if any of your devices are hogging your bandwidth at those times?

Gateway rebooted?

Contacted AT&T to troubleshoot and run a health check on the service?

I would disconnect everything and then have one computer plugged into the Gateway (wired, not WiFi) and see how it behaves. This is to test if it is your internet connection itself that is the problem or to narrow down if an issue with one device causing a problem or an issue with the Gateway routing to all the devices you have.

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2 months ago

As close as you are to the gateway, connect an Ethernet cable and see if that improves the speeds. Why do you have 2 gb service? Can any of your devices get more than 1 gb speeds?




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2 months ago

Amazon Prime has been buffering this week.   It is on there end.   Just because you have 2 Gbps doesn't mean you can download at incredible speeds.  Many sites limit you to 5-15 Mbps because they don't have the bandwidth.   Wired connection is faster.   Less latency.   2 Gbps is nice, if you have a 2.5 Gbps NIC to take advantage of it. 

I have 1 Gbps only.   1020 Up/Down 2ms latency.   My Fortinet 60E firewall has a 600 Mbps and 800 Mbps Wireless access point.   One is in the dining room on west end of the house and other is in the living room on the east end of the house.   All devices show on the 60E with strong signal.  10 devices in the house don't usually get above a combined 400 Mbps.   I have 5 devices on each WAP.   

I have been thrown off 10+ gaming sites because of my fiber connection speed.   They don't like that I can attack faster.   

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