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Friday, March 17th, 2023 1:23 AM

Request different device?

Hey just wondering if I can request a different ATT device?

I have the BGW320 and I am trying, with no luck, to get it to work with my company's Cisco DMVPN router. We keep having BGP flap on our router and I have traced it back to the BGW320. I just need to bypass all of the functions so the Cisco router can do its job. I have tried so many internal settings on the ATT device with no effect. Pass-through no pass-through.. different DHCP settings .. IDK what to do?

Does ATT have something with a bridge mode or at least something that would be better for my situation?

LMK your all's thought on the matter!

Thank you.

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7 months ago

No, AT&T has no "bridge" mode; IP Passthrough is it.  If your fiber terminates into the SFP on the back of the BGW320, then only the BGW320 will work for you unless an installer comes out and redoes your installation to utilize a separate ONT.

The only other gateway that's not about to retire being used right now is the BGW210, and it uses much the same firmware as the BGW320, so the behavior you're experiencing would probably be the same.  This is really intended to be a consumer gateway with some stretch to small businesses, and not expecting to deal with enterprise gear that knows how to spell BGP.

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