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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 7:46 AM

QoS for BGW-320 and BGW-210 in the future wouldn't go unmissed

Hello. For about a year now I have operated a pfSense with a Static Block behind my BGW-320 public subnet mode due to sensitive online videogames lagging. I paid for their "gaming" service but have had to largely develop my own gaming service. 

Bare port, the BGW-320 pushes 13ms latency and has an A(-) bufferbloat score online as its firmware increases download latency by 30%.  Additionally, after some time it begins dropping packets in select games when saturated with heavy loads and doesn't manage the loads properly. I frequently have to restart the router to make some online games stop lagging for awhile afterwards. 

This thread is a request to update the limited gaming features available on that router. 

1. Update the list of games and their ports under the port forwarding section. A Nintendo Switch, for instance should have UDP ports 1024-65535 forwarded to it according to their websites to get an open nat (type a). Some of the games in that list are outdated and probably on a router from 10+ years ago. 

2. Playstations and Xboxes need UPnP activated to improve their NAT scores, but the rest of the network needs this feature turned off when they aren't being used for the sake of security.  And the UPnP and port forwarded subnets need to be segregated on command with firewall rules from other networks should the devices become compromised. 

3. QoS limiters like codel with TCP traffic in one pipe, UDP in another pipe and forwarded traffic in a tertiary pipe, each with plenty of automated token bucket regulators, and another setting which can send all traffic through the same pipe for other games that don't benefit from pipe segregation like this would be greatly appreciated.

QoS is definitely the only way to soundly call this system a "gaming" service in this very competitive router marketplace. 

Codel reduces bufferbloat default 44ms down to just 14ms. And scores an A+. Especially when I cannot just buy a gaming router and return the BGW-320. 

Also, firewall rules which can allow me to block all ICMP except echorequest and echoreplies can prevent games lagging out crazily while consoles are negotiating routes that are nanoseconds quicker to communicate with the players and servers in the middle of online matches. 

I bought gaming internet, and got laggy fiber. I can't really enjoy specific titles without more granular control over my subnet from my router/firewall. 

Also VLANs would be nice. These BGW-320s are over $300 and can't do VLANs? 

Thank you for your time :)

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1 year ago

This is a customer to customer forum. None of what you ask will be seen by att or done. The gateway is there to connect to the internet and provide Wi-Fi.  Your gaming issues are most likely upstream on the web and not the gateway. Get a router that has QOS. Put the gateway in ip passthrough to the router and use the router for your gaming needs. 

No such thing as gaming internet. You fell for marketing. How do you know the gateway cost $300? Att doesn’t sell the gateway. 

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1 year ago

The price of the BGW320 is irrelevant because AT&T doesn't sell them, it's part of the service for a fee.

UPnP, as you note, is a security hole.  AT&T is not going to include that, but you can have your own router.  IP Passthrough isn't perfect, but it's good enough most of the time.

Port Forwarding 1024-65535 isn't a reasonable thing... you might as well set IP Passthrough.

Yes, the games list for port forwarding is obsolete and was likely so when first shipped.  Don't expect them to ever keep up with that.  They should just give up and remove the games presets.

AT&T develops the service to work without a lot of service calls for the 99% of customers who don't have high-level technical requirements.  If the 1% struggle, AT&T will let them find another ISP.

Some better QoS processing, yeah, that would be nice.  And definitely not whatever they messed up in the past 2 or 3 releases.


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