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Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 2:21 PM


Paying for 1 Gbps but rarely see above 500-600 Mbps

We pay for 1000mbps but only see 500-600 as a max. We purchased a third party router thinking that would help boost, but we told that won't accomplish the boost we are looking for. Instead there may be an issue with either the fiber cables to the house or that connection and were advised to have AT&T out for a speed test and to assess the fiber. How do I do that?

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3 years ago

Do you have the ATT Smart Home Manager app?

IF yes, run the internal speed test... this is what the gateway sees to the ATT network, results? If good, issue is not the fiber connection.


Are you testing hardwired on ethernet cabling or wireless?

If wireless what are the devices capable of?

If 2.4Ghz would be much lower than reporting.

For the 5Ghz, depending on the processor, memory, etc of the device could be max of 866, dropping 20+% on wireless means 400-600 is likely speed on the device.


Testing off ATT network will be slower, please read the terms of service agreement concerning internet speeds....





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3 years ago

And to add to @my thoughts great suggestions above if you don't have the smartphone app or don't have a smarphone or just don't want to download the free app.


Just use the web based interface where you can run the same exact test to validate the AT&T connect to your location.




Let us know a few more details as to the modem / gateway you have from AT&T and your results from running the AT&T speed test.



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3 years ago

Verify all cables with Gateway (modem/router) are secure. Test with provided equipment, not 3rd party router. Only have one device connected, and by wired not wireless. Check (Netflix) and (Ookla) to get results to compare, in addition to speed test through AT&T's site. Then test with one device on a wireless connection for reference (should show a bit of a drop per the nature of wireless). That will narrow down where any issue might be.


The 1000Mbps (1Gbps) is an up-to/max potential speed, not a guarantee. Realistically you should see on average 80% or higher. If with the tests you stay around 500-600Mbps on wired, then call AT&T for some additional testing between their end and yours.

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4 months ago

I had the same concerns after replacing Spectrum 300 mbps service with AT&T 1 gbps fiber. SpeedTest (Ookla) ranged from 400-500 mbps (+/- 100) down and ~900 up (Dell laptop, Windows 11, Realtek NIC wired 1GB ethernet). However, I ran tests on other wired devices (ex. Apple TV 4K) and got 900+ up and down. I then booted into Safe Mode with networking and SpeedTest gave 900+ up and down. Bottom line is that the slower speeds are due to the bloat of Windows (drivers, apps, etc.). You can thank your friends in Redmond, WA.

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