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Saturday, November 25th, 2017 7:13 PM

Pace 5286AC with Asus RT-AC66R

I have a RT-AC66R router (same as Asus AC66U) connected behind a Pace 5286AC gateway. The gateway is configured to provided 192.168.1.xx addresses and I have both the 5GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless networks active. Note that this is only for convenience and these could be disabled if required. 


The Asus router is configured to be in the DMZ+ zone (i.e. all inbound traffic should pass through the Pace and be routed to the Asus router which is configured to have the same WAN IP as that of the Pace gateway.  The Asus router is configured to give out 192.168.10.xx IP addresses.


I can access the internet from the Asus subnet (192.168.10.xx) using both wired and wireless devices. I can also access the net via wireless when I use one of the Pace wifi networks. 


However I need some help / advice regarding the inability of this configuration to allow remote access to my Plex server which sits behind the Asus router. I have set up a port forwarding rule in the Asus router to forward the port used by Plex (32400) to the Plex server, however remote access to the server doesn't seem to work.


Plex indicates that this is likely due to Double-Nat issues however since the Asus router has a WAN IP that is identical to that shown for the Broadband connection on the Pace gateway I'm not sure that this is the case. I'm wondering whether the Pace firewall is somehow blocking access to the Asus router?


The firewall status page seems to indicate that all traffic is routed to the Asus router (see attached photo) but when I run CanYouSeeMe on port 32400 of the machine which runs the Plex server I get an "Error: Could not see port" returned. This would appear to indicate that port 3200 of this machine is not exposed to the internet.


Does anyone have any experience of successfully  accessing Plex remotely with a similar configuration? I'd certainly appreciate any feedback or advice regarding how to make this work since I've had no success at all for the past few days and I'm now at the stage of tearing my hair out!



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6 years ago

I had to setup port forwarding on my own router and also setup the same port forwarding for my AT&T Gateway.

Here's how it should go ...

AT&T Gateway > 32400 > Your Router
Your Router > 32400 > Plex Server


Turn off the UPNP support on the Plex server so it uses the expected 32400 or whatever port you prefer.




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6 years ago

Thanks for your response Xeekks - what you described is essentially what I have implemented (I think (but it doesnt seem to want to work.


I do have a Vonage router attached by ethernet to the AT&T router - do you think that may be the problem. I could always try moving the router behind the Asus router and check to see whether it makes any difference. That would mean that there really should be no NAT occurring on the AT&T box as all incoming traffic would be for machines behind the Asus router.

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