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Sun, Jan 19, 2020 5:05 PM

Pace 5268AC with fiber 1gbps speed issue


I got upgraded to Att's 1 GBPS fiber internet. My speeds are inconsistent. I am getting about 400 mbps wired and 300 mbps wifi. I used to have 300 mpbs plan and after upgrading to 1000mpbs, my speeds did not change much... btw, my router's internal diagnostic speeds reads 900/966 downstream/upstream speeds, however, the device does not spit these speeds out via wire or wifi... any ideas what to do?


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a month ago

Hey, @davechi78.


Thanks for reaching out. We'd be glad to help you improve your internet speeds.


Have you tried Rebooting your Gateway since the upgrade to see if it improves your speeds? It could also be the environment that could be sapping your speeds. Since you're getting less speed through Wi-Fi, the signal could be receiving interference from objects such as fireplaces, metal walls, too many walls in the way, etc. For more tips about maximizing your network's efficiency, please check out our article on Optimizing Internet Speeds.


Let us know if this helps!


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a month ago

What OS are you running?

I'm troubleshooting this issue myself after my 3rd day of getting fiber installed and I know the speeds are there based on the GW test and another PC in my office that is getting 900's consistently. I was pretty sure I narrowed it down at 4am this morning but now my main PC has dropped from 800/900's to 600's down and higher upstream. Prior to all my troubleshooting, I never hit went past 300 up/down.

If you're running windows, boot into safe mode with networking and run the speed test again. If you get your correct speeds, please post and let me know what edition and version of Windows you're running.

If you do get full speeds in safe mode, you can eliminate AT&T as the source problem and start blaming Bill Gates. :) If I didn't have this one PC getting full speeds, I might not have tracked down a potential (Edited per community guidelines) cause with a solution pending.



P.S. After seeing full speeds in safe mode, I did not get the same results back in Windows so I ran a batch file I created that kills 35 or services I don't need running when I'm working on music. I noticed my speeds shot straight up so I went to bed and now I'm looking for the culprit.