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Sunday, February 5th, 2023 2:41 PM

Order Of Operation to set up Passthrough for mesh system

Forgive me for I am ignorant...but I bought a TP-Link 2 pod(total) mesh system and have the ATT supplied BGW210-700 router/modem with Fiber connection.

I am seeing different site that offer install tutorials but it feels like they think I know more than I know. My first question that seems to get skipped...probably because it is obvious to folks that are reasonably I do the passthrough procedure before or after I connect and set up my new mesh router? I want to Keep my network name so I don't have to change all of my devices again, but will if I need to. 

Other than that I sort of understand most everything, except the one video I keep coming back to the guy says you need to change the IP address of the ATT provided R/ this necessary? 

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