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Monday, March 25th, 2024 7:37 AM

ONT to sfp+ in router

I am currently trying to run a line straight from my ONT to my router which has an sfp+ port. I am trying to eliminate the need for a modem for a number of reasons and

found this to be an ideal solution that would reduce the amount of clutter where this stuff is and provide better speeds and a more reliable connection. I was wondering if I would have to hire a technician to help me with this or if I could just do it myself. If I need to pay for this then please guide me to where I need to be in order to do this. Please help me or get back to me with this.

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2 months ago

ATT requires the use of the provided gateway which has the authorization certificates to use the service.

If you have an external ONT such as 240, 010 or 020 the output of the ONT is an Ethernet cable not fiber.

The ONT needs to be first with registered to your account followed by the gateway…. Your personal equipment would be connected from one of the (4) Ethernet ports on back of gateway.

2 months ago

Thanks for the help! Still a bit confused on some things though. My current gateway is the BGW210. If I wanted to do what you are saying then would I have to get the BGW320 gateway? I’ve been trying to learn about this stuff as I go and have been using some other posts related to these things for help(your feedback on many of the posts has helped me understand things much better. Thanks for that😅). But since the ports are only Ethernet then would it be better to get an adapted to run fiber optic or should I just stick with Ethernet cable(not really concerned about distance but I am concerned about latency and how much data can be transferred)? 


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2 months ago

It’s unlikely Att will look favorably on any attempt to circumvent their required setup.   
Having said that, even if Att agreed to replace your ONT+BGW210 with a standalone BGW320, you’re still no better off functionally or performance-wise.  

Your choices here are to deal with the gateway and use the provided IP passthrough method, or live with the router section and use your personal router as an access point.  I’ve chosen the latter.  

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2 months ago

If you want to improve latency you'd best have a technician run fiber to as close as possible to that router, and install the gateway near there.  (Hopefully they can upgrade to a BGW320 which has a SFP/fiber input).  I assume a tech visit will cost money but I do not know how much, nor do I know if there's a fee to swap to the "better" gateway.

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