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Thursday, May 4th, 2023 2:47 PM

network attack blocked?

I keep getting notifications that a "Network Attack was Blocked."  What does that mean?  It is occuring in the middle of the night when no one is at the building and the IP addresses it is blocking are from Russia.  Does anyone know what this means?  The customer service call center is so unhelpful- it is really terrible.  I know more about the tech than they do.  I dont think they have access to my account either- because 20 mins into the conversation they will ask whether i have wireless or fiber service.  (Edited per community guidelines)?

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5 months ago

Hi there, ryan32608. We understand how important it is to get assistance in regard to the notification you received. Let's get you the help that you need.


The notification that you received means that the IP addresses are being blocked from accessing your devices. 


We recommend that you download the AT&T AntiVirus Plus app. The application is powered by McAfee, and can help protect your computer from malware, trojans, and hackers. Here are the features that come with the app:

  • Virus protection: Blocks and removes viruses before they get into your computer.
  • Hack prevention: Protects your computer from hackers.
  • Spyware blocking and removal: Blocks spyware before it's installed on your computer and removes spyware already present.
  • Computer health checks: Cleans clutter off your computer to help keep it secure.
  • Search and surf safety measures: Provides McAfee® WebAdvisor security ratings to help avoid bad websites.
  • Computer security management: Includes McAfee Security Center. Scan your computer, check for updates, and manage your security settings.
  • Automatic updates and protection: Uses McAfee's Security as a Service technology to update your computer with the latest software and security-threat data.
  • Protection for multiple computers: Protects up to three computers, whether they are PC or Mac.
  • Free online support: Provides online support free of charge at Use McAfee Virtual Technician to diagnose and fix problems related to your McAfee product. Or, access our FAQ and search tool to find answers.

Additionally, another option that we have is the AT&T ActiveArmor feature. AT&T ActiveArmor proactively stops scammers, fraud & security threats before they get to you.


Let us know if this worked for you. If not, we may need to get you into a DM for further assistance.


Aaron, AT&T Community Specialist


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