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Sunday, July 7th, 2019 3:12 AM

NETFLIX on TV kills bw for other devices

I have AT&T Gb service with BGW-210-700 Router.  I have 3 DISH TV's, only 2 active with 1 Hopper3 and 2 Joey's.   One is new Samsung 4K and the other is Samsung 3D "smart" tv from 2013 - both connected via wifi.  Just got Netflix free trial which is the UHD option.  When husband streams NETFLIX I can't use my laptop - internet so slow many sites won't load or get error msgs about connection, etc.  I have no ethernet Cat6 in walls and router is in a MBR closet in MBA behind clothes...….  Because my office is in a detached "casita" (and the 3rd TV) is in the backyard, I installed a Gb wifi extender to get better signal for the printer/office.  But I can't attach the extender to router by ether either.  My newest laptop (new, 802.11/AC wifi that gets ~887 Mbps when no Netflix is streaming.   Other devices in the chain probably don't support Gb throughput.....and there are a lot of them:  My VIVINT Security system (with 4 cameras) is a bw hog on the 5 Ghz radio.  Samsung Fridge with the internet display on front, 2 Sonos speakers, other smart appliances (probably using 2.4 Ghz radio).  2 iPad Pro's (newish). 2 Sam. Galaxy S9's, visitor's cellphones, other laptops (occasionally).   I'm considering the following things - Which option would work best from below list - Or what other options I dont' know about??

*  Get a Gb ether/USB3 adapter for my computer and attach via short cable to laptop from extender or worst case long cable to router directly,  Oh my extender can be set up as a router/AP.  Haven't tried - complicated.

* Get my own new Router (I like mgmt. capabilities of Peplink) (Can I replace the ATT router?), and throttle the TV  MAC or static IP of the TV.  Husband will not like that, but ……..

* Get a laptop that has an onboard true Gb ethernet port....and connect to extender or worst case to router by long cable Husband will not like that either.

* When trial is over set NETFLIX to play only at their middle level (HD).  

The best solutions are unaffordable at the moment:  run CAT6 through attic and walls and move router - would take AT&T to do.

Which could work better?  





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5 years ago

*A hardwire cat 5 home run to your detached office is best if possible.

* Moving your Modem (RG), is a billable visit.

* You can not use your own Modem/router instead of the AT&T modem (RG), you can use your own router if it is plugged into the AT&T RG.

*Sounds more like a wifi coverage issue not a bandwith problem since you have 1Gb profile service. Netflix 4K streams is probably about 25mbps, a drop in the bucket for 1Gb. I suggest downloading the AT&T Smart Home Manager on one of your S9's and use the "Do I need Smart WiFi Extenders" option.

Just use the Airties mesh extenders that AT&T sells. Other extenders that are not placed in the proper locations worsen the problems. Or, you can request a tech come out and wifi map your home and install the extenders, about $50 each.

* Are the Sonos speakers hardwired or wifi? Hardwired Sonos can cause issues with our RG, causes errors and slows down.

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