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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 5:47 PM

My BGW320-500 got magically reset to factory settings.

Last night Feb 2, all was well.  All systems talking, router good.

This AM, nothing works.  Seems the BGW320 got reset to factory settings.

I suspect an update was pushed.  I am currently at 4.21.5 - don't know what it was before.

There was not power outage and anyway, I am on a big UPS.  I have seen in past if you unplug the router, it will lose settings.

But that did not happen - my microwave still has correct time.

Called support.  First person said no update performed and she has no idea what happened.  

Asked for next agent in line and he said an update did actually occur at 3AM Feb 3.  Said they have numerous calls for this same problem today.

As I've said before, this is the very worst router firmware I have ever used.  

Issues with it:

1.  no backup/restore of settings

2.  Having to use the stupid "IP Allocation" to set static IP addresses.  Every other router I've used allows me to preallocate static IP to macaddress beforehand

3.  The port forward mechanism.  Gaming???  I am not a gamer, why have all those gaming sites instead of all the known standard services.


There's more, but I have several hours to go to try to get my static IP addresses setup.

Side question.  Does their "IP Passthru" merely act as a gateway that just passes packets to the designated router. 

I don't want to 

go thru this hassle again.  Hours on hours to get it set up.  Some of the static IPs I have to turn devices off and on to try to find the device.  





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8 months ago

(Edited per community guidelines) this router.  I still haven't been able to get my wireless cameras configured with static IPs.

IP allocate doesn't see them.   DHCP assigns, but it doesn't show up in IP allocate so can't change it to, which is what my apps and dvr/xvr require.

I guess only thing left is to try a router from Amazon and maybe see if I can get IP passthru to work.

Not sure the ATT fiber speed is worth all this aggravating.


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8 months ago

We want to help get your concerns addressed, @j1mw3b.

If your equipment has been Factory Reset, there is a way to restore your settings:

  • Go to and log in using the Member ID and password.
  • Select View Available Backups.
  • Under the available backup you wish to restore, choose Restore.
  • Select View Details to view the Automatic Backup Details screen.
  • Click Restore This to restore settings

Note: You may need to restart the Wi-Fi devices to connect to the RG.

When going through the IP Passthrough set up, if you use the Manual mode, you will be able to enter a fixed IP through the MAC address. 


Manual mode is like statically configuring your connected computer. With Manual mode, you configure the TCP/IP Properties of the LAN client computer you want to be the IP Passthrough client. You then manually enter the WAN IP address, gateway address, and so on that matches the WAN IP address information of your AT&T device. This mode works the same as the DHCP modes. Unsolicited WAN traffic will get passed to this client. The client is still able to access the AT&T BGW210 device and other LAN clients on the 192.168.1.x network.

IP Passthrough means the AT&T supported CPE device terminates the DSL, authenticates with the network (Receives a WAN IP) and shares that IP address with a single device connected to the AT&T supported CPE equipment. This configuration is often times suitable for a business customer desiring to connect third party equipment to AT&T supported equipment. The IP Passthrough configuration still allows AT&T support groups to access the AT&T supported equipment while allowing end-users to connect third party equipment in a configuration they desire. The IP Passthrough configuration will only allow one connection to AT&T supported equipment to be "unfiltered" or pingable from the WAN or internet side of the AT&T equipment (does not support multiple pingable connections).

Let us know if you have any other questions/concerns!


Lacey, AT&T Community Specialist 

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4 months ago

Same here every few days resets to factory settings losing my static business ip address. The reset method only brings back my wifi settings not my static ip address or remote access. If I am out of town trying to get in remotely then I am out of luck. Never had this problem other business internet providers.

Question 1: is how to restore all BG320 fiber settings (wifi, static ip addresses (5), port settings, firewall, and most important remote access) if I am not in my office???

Question 2: Seems like updates occur once in a while and they reset my modem, otherwise maybe power glitches. Has anyone experienced this. Maybe UPS needed for this modem? Does is lose its settings under quick power glicthes?




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27 days ago

I neglected to try Lacey's suggestion months ago, but now a few days ago, my router reset itself again.  Tech support phone call says no way can it reset itself, only way is to press reset button on back; or via the admin menus.  I did neither.  

They said I could restore using the phone app, or they could do it for me.  Nope, all they can do is restore the password and ssid - so that I can log in.

I also have a UPS on this thing, and I even unplugged it to test if gets reset (it does not reset with power off).

I tried your suggestion of and all I get is the below messages, forever and ever...

Perhaps you can send me my RESTORE files; or give me a better way to get them, if they exist.

My Service Details



Plan: Internet 300

Wi-Fi Network Name: Loading...

Wi-Fi Password: Loading...

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