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Fri, Jan 9, 2015 8:08 PM

Motorola NVG589 Port-forwarding and IP Passthrough

Hello all,

I recently upgraded from UVerse to Gigapower and so far the network has been great! That being said, I host a NAS and a file/web server (serving ownCloud) at home. Prior to getting Gigapower, I had port-forwarding set up so that I could access the NAS and webserver from outside my network. Since changing to Gigapower, while I can still access the NAS and webserver over the internet from outside the network, the speed has gone down significantly. This happens for my NAS as well as webserver. In further trying to isolate the problem, instead of doing port-forwarding, I did an IP Passthrough. That seems to work like a charm! 


A couple of questions - I am not sure why the port-forwarding takes too long when IP Passthrough zips through the process of loading up the home page (and actual content as well). Are there specific settings that need to be mucked around for me to ensure no packets are getting dropped or being inspected prior to reaching the client?


Secondly, I can live with IP Passthrough - I am just not sure how secure that is compared to port-forwarding (or if both are equally secure or not). 


In my current setup, the internet is connected to the modem, which in turn is connected to a router and all my machines are wired/wirelessly connected to the router. 


The fact that I can access the home pages in both cases (port-forwarding and IP passthrough), tells me that all other configurations are proper (not that I have changed anything given that the IP address remained the same for me). 


Any insight will be greatly appreciated.



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7 y ago

Hi @dhavalbbhat,


One thing to try is getting wireshark to find out what traffic is going through your NAS. Once you download it, point it at the IP for your NAS to see all the traffic going through it. If you notice any additional connections, you can setup your U-verse gateway to forward those ports as well, and ideally, it should produce the same result.

The only other thing that may be causing a possible issue is that through IP Passthrough, it passes over the public IP address so you do not have to worry about the NAT. I do not think that would be causing the slow down, but it could be possible. If you have your NAS statically assigned, then that is not the case.


Hope this helps.


-David T




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7 y ago

Did you ever get this resolved?  Was your firmware up to date?  Do you know if there have been any more recent firmware updates?  They are coming to install my GigaPower on Monday and it is my intent to use port forwarding for several functions.  If it is really as slow as you indicate, the only alternative will be to use IP Passthru and buy in a $400 Firewall.  I really don't want to spend the money to replace my old PIX (That is the kind of configuration that I am using now).  I was hoping to just use the Router's functions and drop the extra firewall.

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