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Mon, Apr 6, 2020 7:11 PM

Modem is restarting multiple times a day

Our Modem (2Wire 3801) is restarting more than once a day. We used to notice it when a recording on the DVR was in two parts with about a 1-2 minute gap. Now that we are both working from home it's happening at least once a day (usually during work hours). We have tried cycling the power and using the reset diagnostic tools provided by AT&T. We are sometimes on a VPN, sometimes not. The only symptoms are the loss of connection and no light except the power on the modem for a few seconds, an audible set of clicks and then the lights start coming on and the services are restored. I do not think it's related to our usage as it happens randomly through out the day cutting off phone, TV and internet.




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2 months ago

It sounds like you may need a gateway/router replacement. Our Troubleshoot & Repair app should be able to help you determine the next step and handle the shipping of the gateway if that is the issue.

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