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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 7:06 PM

Looking for opinions on BGW210

I ordered ATT Fiber and it was installed on 12/20/2018. The speed is nice. The installer was great. He ran the wires where I wanted and put the ONT where I wanted. However, he gave me the PACE 5286AC. I've been fighting with this thing over various things for weeks. For what it's worth, I had my own cable modem before this installation. I like to have a single piece of hardware for each job on the network. This allows me to upgrade individual pieces as the need arises.

First, I wanted to put the 5286AC in passthrough mode and let my EdgeRouter X do the firewalling and routing. Well it doesn't really have a passthrough, it has a stupid DMZ+ mode. At first, I put my router in DMZ+ on the 5286AC. However, DMZ+ has it's disadvantages like a detrimental effect on speed. I also turned off the WiFi on the 5286AC because I have dedicated Ubiquiti hardware for wireless.

Second, I needed to make sure I could access a couple servers on my network from the internet. I set up the necessary port forwarding rules needed for my servers (HTTPs and MQTT). I have port forwarding set up in my router and doing it again for the ATT hardware was mildly annoying.

Finally, I need to be able to VPN into my work network (pptp). I tried enabling various firewall options to allow VPN traffic. I also tried putting my router back in DMZ+ on the 5286AC. Nothing seemed to get the VPN connection working. It seems from some of the posts I've read on this forum, the 5286AC is not capable of passing GRE packets. So, I may need to set up a creative solution with a bridge in order to get VPN working.

AT&T's fiber page says that, "Our most advanced Wi-Fi gateway is included" with a picture of the BGW210. So, I'm sure I could press the issue and say that AT&T didn't install the hardware they advertised. My question is, would the BGW210 work better for me or does it suffer from similar issues?



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5 years ago

The BGW does seem to be working better at this time. The BGW has actual passthrough mode and also many other things. The speed issues with DMZ have been identified as a firmware glitch and haven't been resolved yet but I am sure they are working on a fix.


Also, you could order static IP's and that would probably alleviate all your issues you are having. The last I checked its like 15 dollars a month and you get 5 sticky statics.

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