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Sunday, May 22nd, 2022 7:24 PM

Internet Speeds Slow Drastically at Night

I just started streaming while gaming but have found it is impossible to do so due to internet problems. Before I open up my game and start streaming from my PC, I run an internet speed test and get upload/download speeds around 900+Mbps. After I start up StreamLabs and my game, however, there are tons of frames being dropped and my game starts lagging. I then try running a speed test and see that my upload/download speeds are between 1 and 8.

I don't know the first thing about tech, but we have updated our router, have a brand new gaming PC and I am using a wired connection.

I am beginning to feel unbelievably frustrated after troubleshooting this issue for over three months now. Any insights as to what is causing this problem would be appreciated. I'm also open for suggestions on how to fix this.

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1 year ago

We're here to help keep your internet up to speed, ewwa!

We suggest you optimize your internet connection, since the speed you get on devices connected to your network can vary. The number of devices you connect to Wi-Fi, how you use them, their age and type, and Wi-Fi signal strength all can affect speed. In terms of how this can impact your service, we suggest making sure your AT&T Gateway is directly plugged into a wall outlet, and not using any type of power strip or surge protector. These can cause power issues to the AT&T Gateway, which can affect the way it connects to the internet.

We also suggest downloading our Smart Home Manager application so that we can run a speed test on your service. The Smart Home Manager's test specifically checks the speed between your AT&T Gateway and the internet, versus other tests which check the overall connection between the device you use and the internet. We'll need to compare the speed you are getting when your ping is raised to your AT&T Internet plan to see if it falls out of the acceptable speeds you should be receiving.

Let us know if this helps!

Donovan, AT&T Community Specialist

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4 months ago


You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. His internet issues only happen at night, so this is not due to:

1. number of devices - likely less at night or the same

2. how he uses them - 900+ mbps is plenty for whatever he chooses, which in this case is gaming 

3. age and type of device - same age and type as daytime use, which has no issues

4. wifi-signal strength - strength should only very based on his distance from router, which I doubt is different from his daytime use setup

Sounds like copy/paste, lazy response from a team of non-engineers who are dialing it in on the job.

P.S. I also have this issue and it is because you are either throttling or performing nightly maintenance. My two best guesses, probably better guesses than your customer support team would give based on that pathetic response to your paying customer above.

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