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Mon, Aug 6, 2018 9:39 PM

Internet keeps disconnecting daily from ~1pm to 6-7pm EST for the past month

For the past month and a half, our internet service (Fiber 1Gb) keeps disconnecting regularly (anywhere between 2-14 times a day) between the times of 1pm and ~ 6-7 pm EST. (the rest of the time is solid as a rock). Modem is 5268AC, off the floor, connected directly to the wall, no routers/no changes to the standard modem config (although tried with and without IPv6 enabled). Going through the modem logs, it always looks the same way everytime it disconnects (see example below); always starts with that tw_ulib_device_setup_dsl:


infoAug 6 16:06:57
daemon: lmd[30416]: ipnet_down ****SETTING 10 Second Delay before bringing the interface down
infoAug 6 16:06:49
daemon: lmd[30416]: tw_ulib_device_setup_dsl


Sometimes it drops for 30s - 1 min before dropping off for ~2-5 minutes in what seems the modem is resetting itself. Those times the logs show quite a few errors (a few posted below): 

daemon: httpd[1686]: OpenSSL error:140760FC : SSL routines : SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol
daemon: dlnamgr[1659]: Failed to open upnp config file (/etc/miniupnpd/miniupnpd.conf) for writing 

 Have had 3 techs stopped by, 2 modems, 2 ONTs, 1 full redo of all terminals. Apparently light signals come through strong, but so far no answer to the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or can look into this from the AT&T side? AT&T technicians have assured us it is not our home network, so it's either the modem (which would be strange dropping always in the same time period) or something else AT&T software/hardware related. Tech services can only run us through the script, reset the router, send a new technician, which doesn't seem to be helping.


Anyone has any thoughts/suggestions/way forward?


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4 y前

Hello there @toutamie!

Have you double checked what your modem's status lights and their activity during these disconnects? Please let us know if this is able to shed any light on your issue!

Alexander, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 y前

I have the exact same issue and observed the same with my 5268AC modem. I previously had the BWG-210 modem which was replaced with the NVG599, and now the 5268AC. My ONT has been replaced as well. Same problem, and no real answers. It doesn't matter how many people is online, or if it is rainy or sunny. I haven't found a correlation to usage. Annoying.


Appreciate if someone can enlighten us on a fix.

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