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Thu, Feb 20, 2020 4:02 AM

Help setting up 5 static IP addresses with Pace 5268AC RG

I tried calling support numerous times last week and each time ended up being offloaded to some place that wanted to help "setups my computers for a fee. Which is not at all what I need help with!!!!

Where I do I get support or find current documentation for setting up the Pace 5268AC with the 5 static IP addresses I'm paying for? I don't need help connecting anything on the LAN side. The GUI is terrible and has no documentation or the documentation I find is old and for a different GUI with different menus and and names.

Thank you


my thoughts



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a month ago

FREE support is for BASIC instructions....


STATIC IPs are optional and therefore not part of the free support but advance support

or a billable $99 service call from a Uverse field tech.

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Thank you.

My idea of basic and yours seems wide apart. For me basic would include actual up to date documentation for something I'm paying for at $105 a month. There isn't even a help menu within the router GUI that tells you what each screen does. For me, if this basic information existed it would be probably pretty easy to figure out. However, since there is no basic instructions of what each tab is I don't know if I want a suplimental network, casscading router or DMZplus which are basic, standard features of this hardware I'm paying for but have to pay extra for you to tell me?

As I said before I don't need anything on my LAN configured, I just need a better understanding of what each of these basic features that are built in to the gateway box.

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