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Sun, Mar 20, 2016 8:25 PM

GigaPower Equipment March '16

To any and all that may know:

I am getting a GigaPower upgrade this Thursday and am wondering a few things:

1. What do/does the tech(s) do? Are there one or two techs for old BellSouth areas?

2. DVR. IPH8010 or IPH8110? What is the difference between the two?

3. ONT. Indoor or outdoor?

4. RG. NVG599 or 5268AC?

Thanks for the help





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4 years ago

1. who knows


2. IPH 8010

Seems the IPH8110 is for some ATT car video system.


3. who knows


4. Could be either, for sure it'll be an Arris RG. 😉



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4 years ago

Have any techs here installed GigaPower? I just need to know when I need to be at my house for my Thursday 9-11 appointment, and whether they will drill holes and fish power cables through my house. I'm pretty sure there aren't any power outlets convenient to where the outdoor ONT would be. Smiley Frustrated