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Monday, March 23rd, 2020 8:34 PM

Getting Support during COVID-19 & WFH?

So I'm Telecom Industry Technical Exec. I have AT&T 1Gbps Fiber that has worked great for years. Now that I'm working from home (WFH), it is constantly going up/down. I have been running an uptime monitor that clearly shows outages ranging from 8-15 per day, and generally in the middle of the night or early morning, to make my alarm system start beeping to not being connected, or right in the middle of a conference call. Here's an excerpt...

Sat Mar 21 06:45:53 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 00:58:37 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:02:01 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:08:58 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:34:08 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:34:53 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:35:08 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:41:41 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:42:27 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 05:42:42 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 06:37:44 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 06:38:29 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 06:38:44 NOT CONNECTED

Mon Mar 23 08:26:04 NOT CONNECTED

So I'm tired of sitting on with foreign customer service that can only go through their script of rebooting my gateway throughout the day and then telling me nothing is wrong. Since I've been locked up, I have verified that my equipment is not a problem (My LAN nor AT&T's). I believe it to be northbound and I can't get anyone to really help. If I dispatch a tech, and he runs his simplistic testing and says nothing is wrong, and "that will be $99 please".

Anyone know how to get ahold of a real ISP Technician to determine if the port on the OLT card or some other northbound element is showing a fault? The steps that AT&T have me jumping through now just wasting everyone's time.

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3 years ago

I Your issue sounds much like mine. I've called a tech to come out. I can prove that the trouble is between the router and AT&Ts gateway, becuase the router diagnotics fail.

I HOPE that's enough to avoid a$100 charge. But I know they are (edited per community guidelines)



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Not sure that's the same. I don't have a fault with my router or T's Gateway. When the connection is up, it's working fine. It's maintaining uptime that's my concern, which should be significantly more stable via fiber.

In your case, I would recommend disconnecting your router, plugging a PC in via ethernet and testing. If it functions, then likely not the gateway. If you can't ping through your router connected to the gateway, then you've got a configuration problem, possibly even double natted.

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