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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 12:08 PM

Do you work from home? How long can you afford to be without internet?

I had an outage last Friday. They were able to come out and fix it Saturday. It turns out someone had disconnected me at the main box. Sunday, they did it again and now I have to wait until Saturday to get it fixed. This is unacceptable. It would take 5 seconds for someone to plug in my line at the main box.  Anyone else having issues with ATT being understaffed? I'm calling around to see if another service can hook up before Saturday. 

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1 year ago

Some would recommend you have a  backup ISP (cell phone hotspot or something) in the event of this sort of problem.  AT&T doesn't provide SLAs for residential Internet.  You should, at the very least, ask them to credit you for the days you were out of service.  This used to be $5/day (not to exceed your monthly bill).

Yes, some techs will steal ports.  There are legitimate reasons why it happens occasionally, but it should not happen repeatedly.  That it does, IMHO, indicates an issue with the local tech management.

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