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Monday, September 26th, 2022 7:24 PM

Constant BGW320-505 crashing

I've had ATT Fiber for about 6 weeks now. Within that 6 weeks, my BGW320-505 has dropped service multiple times per day, every single day.

My modem is setup in passthrough, with everything disabled and traffic being forwarded to my Unifi UDM PRO SE.

I've had a tech out to look at the line, I've had the modem replaced, I've had the line tested multiple times. From what I've heard, nothing is wrong with either the line or the modem. Except that the modem is constantly freezing and causing me to have to power cycle it to get service back. Each time, I can confirm my modem is down by no longer being able to connect to the web interface through the modem's IP address. I've also started testing through the Smart Home Manager app, as suggested by the tech, which also shows the modem is unavailable.

I've done everything I can think of that could possibly be an issue on my end. I've run cables through a cable tester and swapped them out, I've changed which WAN port I'm using, I've tried enabling and disabling firewall features on the modem, I've tried throttling the connection from my router, but nothing has made a difference.

ATT keeps trying to tell me the issue is my equipment somehow. My equipment is all rock solid and setup to log every time my service goes out. My equipment has a current uptime of 12 days, and not a single time within those 12 days has any of my internal traffic had any sort of problems. My internet keeps dropping while I'm on calls for work, when I'm sitting down for the evening to watch TV with my family, and randomly overnight when nothing is going on.

I'm a few days away from just cancelling my service and going back to cable. I may not have the same speeds, but at least I'll actually be able to use my internet reliably.




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8 months ago

What AT&T Gateway (Modem) do you have and what lights are on when you are unable to access the Web UI of the Gateway?

Are you using a device directly connected to an Ethernet port on the Gateway to check access or Wi-Fi?

Next which of these methods are you using for your IP/Passthrough configuration?

  • DHCPS-Fixed
  • DHCPS-Dynamic
  • Manual - MAC based



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8 months ago

I have a BGW320-505 that is setup with DHCPS-Fixed, which is where I have set the MAC address of my Unifi router. Manual looks like it is not MAC based, as the help tip for it says:

"Manual: A LAN client must be manually configured with the device's assigned WAN IP address and gateway information."

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2 months ago

I had the same issue. The Gateway (Model BGW320-505) was dropping 2 to 3 times a day. I called tech support (2020) several times and had a tech come to house on two different occasions.  Replacing the Gateway each time. Still the problem continued.

I decided to visit the local AT&T branch. The manager was awesome and she called tech support (855 920-0146).

Support schedule another tech visit. The tech determined the Gateway was working properly but the power connection was not working correctly.  He installed a new power connection.  Three weeks later I have no internet drops.

Upgrading to fiber has been awesome!

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