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Wed, Mar 28, 2018 12:14 AM

Considering move from U-Verse DSL to Gigapower Fiber - Questions


I currently have U-Verse (Internet 75mbs/TV U450/2xDigital Phone Lines) + AT&T Wireless.  We are trying to 1) Save some $$$ & 2) get better VOIP throughput (iPhone wifi calling, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, etc.). A big secondary benefit would be better wifi coverage throughout our home. 


1 - Can I connect my own router/modem to Gigapower (i.e., a Netgear router/modem) or do I have to use the AT&T modem/router?  I spoke with a U-verse tech who said if I got a compatible Netgear modem/router then AT&T can send a signal to configure it.  True?

2 - Will I need to replace my current set of receivers and DVR? If so, is there a cost and is there a limitation on # of receivers?

3 - Will I see an increase in video/audio quality (4K or advanced surround >5.1) or ability to record more shows at the same time?

4 - I have a static IP address, I assume that I can keep it?


Thank you for your help








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2 years ago

ATT Fiber gives you bgw210-700 router from Arris. I am still using it did not put a wifi router still. I get 600 Mbps /900 Mbps download/upload speed on wired but less than 50 Mbps on wifi. I plan to have a nethawk sometime, but this is still good for my 4k streaming. so not seeing immediate need 

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