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Wed, Mar 28, 2018 12:14 AM

Considering move from U-Verse DSL to Gigapower Fiber - Questions


I currently have U-Verse (Internet 75mbs/TV U450/2xDigital Phone Lines) + AT&T Wireless.  We are trying to 1) Save some $$$ & 2) get better VOIP throughput (iPhone wifi calling, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, etc.). A big secondary benefit would be better wifi coverage throughout our home. 


1 - Can I connect my own router/modem to Gigapower (i.e., a Netgear router/modem) or do I have to use the AT&T modem/router?  I spoke with a U-verse tech who said if I got a compatible Netgear modem/router then AT&T can send a signal to configure it.  True?

2 - Will I need to replace my current set of receivers and DVR? If so, is there a cost and is there a limitation on # of receivers?

3 - Will I see an increase in video/audio quality (4K or advanced surround >5.1) or ability to record more shows at the same time?

4 - I have a static IP address, I assume that I can keep it?


Thank you for your help





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2 years ago

ATT Direct Fiber is still Uverse previously called Gigapower with name change in December 2016.


Therefore pretty much everything is exactly the same, the only major change from your current 75M FTTN with last mile copper phone wiring is the last mile is changed to fiber allowing faster speed and lower ping. Your copper phone drop and NID replaced with fiber drop and slack NID with more fiber installed into home where the ONT is placed performing the role of the VRAD... Changing the signal from light to copper digital. 


You must still have an ATT Uverse gateway (210, 599 or 5268) to connect, you may place you own equipment behind the gateway in DMZ, IP Passthrough or casade just as is currently required with your existing service.


As 1000 receives (6) IPTV streams instead of (4) the DVR will be replaced to one that supports 6,  losing all recordings. The picture quaility and sound is exactly the same, as Uverse compression bit rate that all IPTV subscribers receive. 4k content will only be on streaming services... If desire some TV 4K content need to move to DirecTv.


The wifi coverage is the same as current as using same equipment. May want to consider Google Mesh or other wifi range extenders for better coverage. Out of pocket expense.


In 12 months when the promotion expires, your bill will be even higher than non promo 75 by about $20 more.


The best way to lower bill is reduce package going from U450 to U300 giving up HBO and Cinamax can save $28 a month. If have 5 tvs only 3 are really used, returning 2 receivers at $10 each saves $20 a month. 


Just my thoughts....



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2 years ago

ATT Fiber gives you bgw210-700 router from Arris. I am still using it did not put a wifi router still. I get 600 Mbps /900 Mbps download/upload speed on wired but less than 50 Mbps on wifi. I plan to have a nethawk sometime, but this is still good for my 4k streaming. so not seeing immediate need 

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