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Friday, March 27th, 2020 10:04 PM

Change ATT gateway

I currently have a PACE 5268AC gateway

However, due to the current working environment, I need to set up a VPN - which I cannot do with this modem

How can I swap this gateway out with the latest ATT gateway (BGW210)?



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4 years ago

BGW210 supports vpn client? I’m getting service installed. Is that the gateway i need to ask for?

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4 years ago

Hi @jagroom,


The gateway at your premise is the one that works best for your setup, so we usually will not switch it out, since it may cause problems. If you really do need the gateway changed, the way to do it would be to have a technician go out to make sure changing the gateway won't be any problems, and to have them change out the gateway. During this time, tech visits are delayed.

The BGW210 and Pace5268 should both be able to handle the same setups. Let us know more details about what issues you are running into with your gateway where the BGW210 would be needed, and we will see what can be done.


David, AT&T Community Specialist

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@ATTHelp Should I PM you?

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David - I didn't get a response to my question about PM. So I'll post more information here

I got the PACE 5286ac a while ago - and very soon after, I purchased a Netgear wireless router. I turned off the 2 antennas on the PACE and enabled the 2 on the Netgear. It worked great. I had a lot more control over configurability - although the 2586 really takes as much control as it can.

With this set up, I wasn't able to effectively set up run my own DNS. It would require having something running on all the devices and I don't want to do that.

Anyway in the last 3 months or so, we have been getting internet speed issues. Occasionally, Imy speed is where it should be. We have been seeing the kind of crawling internet speed that is so low, it's usually free. I have a fiber 1G connection to the house. My PC is hard wired by CAT6 to an Ethernet port on the gateway. My speed should be around 800 - 900GB (which I used to get consistently)

Here are some results from Ocala speed test (same one ATT uses):

You can see how intermittent it has been

So I used the ATT troubleshooting webapp - it detected a problem - and it came back and said there is an error and a technician needed to come out and address the situation.

When the technician did come out - he said there is nothing wrong - he didn't have any record of a poor performance report from ATT's tests. He told me the problem was that I had too many devices (32) connected wirelessly to my Nethawk (???). Anyway, so following his advice, I removed the Nethawk from the setup. (And now, those 32 devices were connected to the gateway. I still don't see how this would have helped.

It didn't make any difference.

The speeds were still up and down and it was now more noticable that connecting to any website through PACE took at least 2 seconds - regardless of website

Well it isn't resolved. SIt seems to be getting worse -

So a couple of days ago, I ran another speed test: Here are the results:

I rebooted and no difference... again

So the point of all this story is that I've been having trouble with the PACE 5268 model for quite a while. I've now captured the results so I can prove that there is a problem (which ATT seem to have no record of) when a technician comes out.

So why there is somewhere here. why couldn't they bring the BGW210?

Now that I'm working remotely, I have to be able to get secure access to my network at home. I want to have my own VPN server running on my NAS, but I have never been able to get this to work. What I found is that the PACE does not support a required protocol: GRE. Without this I cannot set up my VPN. And I do not want to put the modem into DMZ..

I also want to get control DNS on my network. I do not want to have to install client side software and all the hassle that comes with that. The PACE gateway will not give up control of DNS

Lastly, I have a Plex server running on my NAS. I want to be able to access it remotely, so I'm going to have to need UPnP to allow it to configure the ports it needs. The same with the NAS - it would be helpful with UPnP to be able to troubleshoot when things go wrong.

So that's it

Please let me know what my next step should be.


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AT&T David didn't answer because while the people who post under that banner are actual employees, they're here in a volunteer capacity, on their own free time. So he may not have logged on since then. This is a customer-to-customer support site so even when people like David participate, they have no access to the tools or your account info to offer anything specific to your line.

And, in their infinite wisdom, when AT&T rolled out this horrible forum redesign a number of months ago, they removed the DM capability. They also removed the ability to at least see what state users reside in. That was sometimes helpful in cases where certain areas of the country were having issues like your lousy speeds.

Because there are so many variables in wifi connections, we can't draw any conclusions about your speed issues from wifi speedtests. If your wired computer is Win10, download the Ookla Speedtest app from the Microsoft Store as it's much more consistent than running the test through a browser.

Also, go into the Pace at and go to the Diagnostics tab, then Speed Test and click the Run Speed Test button. You should see 940-ish numbers for up and down.

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@ATTHelp ,


I'm still using the pace 5268ac gateway, on a different message board there's mention of a new at&t gateway (BGW320-505 new gateway with integrated ONT), do you know if any of these have been placed in service yet ? They sure sound interesting, just in case you might be interested, here's the message board I'm referring to: https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r32605799-BGW320-505-new-gateway-with-integrated-ONT

Thanks, Please Stay Safe !!


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Thanks for the responses.

Obviously the main issue I have is quality of service and speeds that can be 10 times lower than they should be!

@tonydi - I've already done both of those things you mention.

But I really want to get a gateway that will allow me to run my VPN (passthrough with GRE protocol support), allows me to assign and manage DNS. I also want my Nethawk to be the main router - so I can allocate DHCP IP addresses.

And having UPnP so that I can use my Plex server would be great!

@Davy49 - thanks for that information. I hadn't heard that - it looks interesting too!

Stay safe too yourself... The only visitor that has entered my house since February was the ATT guy. I wasn't happy about it but I needed a fix and a better gateway!!


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